Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wow-lookee what I found-Thank you Janet

After I finished the last entry only a few minutes ago, I happened to be finishing my lunch and browsing. Janet (Just Bee-cause)doesn't blog daily anymore so I don't look everyday and good thing I did today...I guess I'm nice!! Seriously, thanks Janet. You made my day and gave me a big smile. It's a lovely thing to be thought well of by people who you admire and Janet is one of those people. She never has an unkind word about anyone and is so appreciative of whatever people have to say about her lovely work. It's been a gift to get to know her. I'm really glad she had second thoughts about closing her blog. I enjoy hearing from her whenever she decides to write. A very sweet and thoughtful woman with a great sense of humor. My kind of gal! Thanks, again, Janet. I kind of hate passing along these things for fear of hurting someone who isn't getting something like this so I'll just say to all the people on my sidebar are special to me and I encourage you to go look at their wonderful work. A nicer group of artists I can't imagine. Some are talented and very funny as well. And so in closing....I'd just like to say to the academy...OH! where was I??...Love you guys!

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Janet said...

Oh, now you're making me blush with all those nice things you said. See....the nice award is definitely for you! You're the best!!