Friday, November 16, 2007

mixed bag...itchy and blurry and annoying and stupid

Hubby is due home this afternoon and I'm playing catch-up with the mess I've made around here. Truth be told, I needed to do the mundane crap that accumulates all too fast anyway. It's been a very quiet few days. Since Roger hasn't had to travel much in these past few years, I forgot how strange it is to be here alone. Well, James and Bob are around in the evening but it's a long day up here in a very secluded spot. I tend to really light up the place. Flood lights outside-multiple lights on inside that I normally never turn on. Bright...very bright. The paranoid in me wants to see what's coming to get me. Funny thing is that by the second day or so, I've made some kind of internal peace with it and by that time normal life resumes. James and I tried to have a bite to eat before he went off on his evenings with friends. It wound up being bagels and a salad for me. I had plenty of leftovers for Bob so cooking was minimal. All of this left me time to actually finish some things on the sewing burner. Feels good to get going again.

I have been experiencing some interesting and annoying side effects from a medicine I have to take. One of the things it itching. My dose was increased during the past year and over time I have this horrible itching in my hands mostly but some days it feels itchy on my arms and torso as well. I found some stuff by Eucerin called calming cream and it works for a while but since my hands are in water all the time it's a pain to constantly re-apply. Maybe gloves(ugh) are called for. The medicine also began to affect my eyesight in small ways over the past couple of years. I have some real trouble with focusing. It causes me to have to really struggle to put things into focus. It makes me very unsure and tentative in moving around. There is nothing I can do about this-I have to take the stuff. So, I've become slow and deliberate where I used to be a little dynamo walking and moving around. It affects my driving only in my ability to read signs-I get completely overwhelmed and so I just don't go anywhere except places around here I'm very familiar with. Getting old really sucks big time! Anyway, if you're out and about and you see a woman scratching, and crashing into stuff...slowly & deliberately...don't wave at'll throw me into a panic(kidding). I would take Benadryl more often but then I'd be sleepy and itchy as well and that's one too many of the 7 dwarfs for me.

Today, for your viewing enjoyment, I show a couple things I've been finishing and two things that are stupid and annoying as well as a shot of what I look like while I'm itching. I leave you with 2 of my favorite cartoon characters( Pinky & the Brain) and two of my least favorite cartoon characters, Dumb & Dumber.


Janet said...

You are not annoying...but Dumb and Dumber are! You had me laughing just visualizing you walking into things while scratching! Not that I want you to get hurt but the image you created in my mind was funny! I agree that getting old(er) sucks. But I don't much like the alternative either!!

Gerrie said...

I feel for you, dear! I am naturally itchy as I have very dry skin and am allergic to most lotions - Eucerin being one of them.

And, you are not old or even near getting old - you just stop that!!

Rian said...

Hope your itchies go away soon.

When we first moved up here and Jim was working down in Orange County during the week, I would get pretty freaked out at night because it was so dark and quiet here. I'd check the locks on the doors 2-3 times a night. Paranoia strikes deep.