Monday, May 12, 2008

Bloomin' Delicious Weekend

My son's girlfriend, Dani, gave me these amazing tulips for Mother's Day. They were creamy off/white when she handed them to me yesterday and this picture doesn't do them justice to show how golden, salmon, pink they have turned. Beautiful flowers. Every time I look at them they change in some way. Lovely. The roses came from my BIL Bob. A dozen long stem beauties and each one is a different color. All of this flower largess was started by Roger with his annual gift of 2 very large and beautiful Hibiscus plants for the porch. They remind me of Hawaii-good times. Needless to say I am in flower heaven. James took me out to lunch on Saturday. We had a nice lunch and chat and then stopped at Ralphs famous Brooklyn Italian Ices where we purchased the first Margarita and Lemon-lime of the season. I can't offer you any since we have made pigs of ourselves and snurffled up all of it. Roger BBQ'd wonderful ribs and roasted sweet potatoes for me so all-in-all it was a delicious weekend.
We enjoyed watching the last of Survivor last night-the best one in a long time. Yay to the girls! Although that skinny blond finalist was a bag of mean bones. I sort of wished that Amanda would have won but after her pathetic crying jag at the last vote I was a bit nauseous my self and can see where some of the jury felt the same. Parvati won and once again proved it's not how you play the game but how many people you sleep with on the way to victory. The men were pathetic and deserved to loose. Whenever I hear the name Parvati I think of Tony Soprano's horrible sister, Janice, who took that name in an effort to be very California flower child. Not easy for a mob sista from New Joisy.
The low point of the weekend was yesterday when James slammed his finger in the car door and it immediately began turning black on the nail. We fixed him up with a bag of ice to put on it and a pain killer last night to sleep. This morning he stopped at the Dr. to see if he needed to have any infection drained(gasp). Thank goodness it was a no. He got some pain medicine and went off to work. Considering he works on cars with his hands, I imagine today was not a fun day. Well, that's about my weekend. It's very cool and rainy out today. Tomorrow is supposed to be a little warmer and sunny. I have much shopping to do.
I haven't been posting much because there isn't anything blog-worthy happening often. I guess it's just a blog slump but I notice that many others are in the same boat. Must be the season..whatever it is I'll be back with updates soon. Thanks for checking in.


Darcie said...

Hope Dani is a keeper...she must think the world of you! ;-) She's obviously got great taste!

Glad James' finger did not require any poking and prodding by the doc.

Hugs to you, sweet Dee!

Terry said...

Oh, yummy flowers. I like tulips almost more than roses.

I was rooting for Cirie to win Survivor, but wasn't surprised when she was eliminated.

Grazia said...

Always beautiful flowers in your pictures....

tami said...

I love your Amish quilts.