Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lovely Weekend & Critters

This is one of the many chipmunks that live in my yard. The actually live in that cement wall in the background there. There must have been a population explosion recently since the tiny heads that pop out of the cracks look to be babies. They are so much fun to watch. Anyway my husband was swift enough with the camera to get this shot of a little guy who came up on the plant table for a drink. He got some good Goldfinch pictures as well but I'll show them another day since Blogger seems to be having a bad day.

Our weekend was really nice. We celebrated Roger's birthday with a BBQ at our friends house. Good food and very nice friends. Yesterday we just had a BBQ here and our traditional root beer floats to begin the season. Yum.

On the car front-James has found a car he wants to buy and it seems like a good deal so he will be occupied with those details this week. Cross you fingers that all goes well for him. James and no car =unhappiness. I'm just happy it looks like he'll be getting a car that is much newer and doesn't require months of work before it's road worthy. Not that it will stop him from the endless additions he will no doubt make over the next months. He is, after all, a car guy. I'm also happy that it will be settled before we go away in a couple of weeks.
James girlfriend's Mom, Cheryl, had a birthday the same day as Roger so I made her this little wall hanging. Her house is newly re-decorated and she loves this type of thing. I added another border using the red fabric in the roof and hand quilted a little in the red border.
I also found a new Quilt Sampler at the store last week. Love all the great shops they show and always look forward to the latest issue. Funny thing though. I have never made a quilt from any of the patterns in any of these issues. Mostly because they are full sized quilts and I have that "no room" factor to consider.
Lots of hemming to do today. A couple of pair of pants for Roger and a couple for me. It is verrrry humid here today and not all that cool. I finally had to turn on the air conditioner upstairs. I have a lot of laundry and drying to do today and the heat up there will just make the upstairs very warm. We've been unbelievably lucky with our weather so I have no complaints. By last night though, it was pretty humid and sticky sleeping weather.
Hope you have a good day and something fun to do.


Darcie said...

So sorry about James' car! Poor guy...I know all about car guys! I live with two...and grew up with three.

That little chipmunk is so cute! They're chatty little things, I do know that. We mistakingly set up our tent (years ago!) beneath the hometree of a chipmunk family. Oh my! We were awakened bright and early every morning with song and dance!

Hope all is well!

Annie said...

I also love watching the chipmunks, we have tons around our yard.

Quilt Sampler is the only quilt mag I buy, never make the quilts, but just love looking at those pics of quilt shops....all those blots of yummy fabric,samples etc,etc. It's the next best thing to visiting a quilt shop!

: )

Gerrie said...

Boo! I just did a virtual sneak up from behind - did I scare you? Did you miss me? I missed you cause I didn't have time to read your always entertaining blog posts while I was gone, but I appreciate all the comments I got from you and your concern for my safety!! XXXOOO

Grazia said...

It's so cute your chipmunk friend!!!!
The wall hanging is georgeous....Dee...hane a good day!!!!!