Monday, July 28, 2008

Hershey gets no kisses from us

Before I begin the rant on Hershey Lodge I want to thank my friend Cindra for this sweet award. She said such nice things about me on her blog it made me blush. Thanks Cindra! I have such wonderful friends in the blogosphere that I really can't single out any one and of course sending it back to Cindra(who would certainly be one) seems silly. My favorite folks are listen in my links and too many to name here cause I want to make lots of room to tell you how much Hershey Lodge sucks! Anyway, love you Cindra and tell us about your diet because I really need to be the food police around here from now on.
And now for something completely different. Let me just say that the Hershey show itself is pretty much fun. It's fairly typical, not too big(about like Lancaster) but the vendor area is very large and fully stocked with lovely things to separate you from your money painlessly. Many dollars later, I enjoyed it a lot. My husband took lots of pictures but there was a sign indicating that pictures were not to be used for blogs. I'm unsure how much I could get away with so for the time being I'm going photo less. The one thing I did see which made me smile all over was "Mother Earth and her Children" What a piece of work that is. You could just stand and look at it all day. Amazing. It's been on other blogs and I'll look for a picture later but if you get a chance to see what an amazing quilt. The detail and perfection of that one piece was inspiring.
Lets chat about the Hershey Lodge. I'll be brief...don't go there. If you must go there-bring food with you. They are un-equipped to feed large groups of people and the chef should hide his head in shame to call himself a cook of any caliber. Apparently we were told that he is new and very much disliked by everyone and can't cook. We had a mess of problems with the place including the fact that they charged $17.50 for what I'll laughingly call a luncheon buffet and they don't serve diet soda. Have you ever been anywhere where you can't get a diet soda???? Anyway the "buffet consisted of a giant bowl of tuna salad, some tired looking plates of baby spinach, cole slaw, potato salad, and a hero with virtually no meat on it. It was dry and gaggy-horrible and outrageous. We couldn't get into a restaurant for dinner because they have only one place that serves sit down dinner and the wait was an hour and forty five minutes for a $45 steak-nothing else-just steak. Everything is ala carte. We went back to our room and ordered room service(only 45 min. there) and had very little served on a plate, cold and un-appetizing. Again, no diet soda and nothing without sugar. Roger is diabetic. I could go on but suffice to say we will not go to stay in the Hershey Lodge again. Hideously over priced and very poorly run. It's sad really. It used to be a nice place. By the way. It doesn't smell like chocolate anymore and there are no Hershey bars on checking in. The Hershey family sold out to a giant conglomerate and the place reeks of being run by bean counters now. I can just see a bunch of talking heads estimating the cost savings of removing the free chocolate bars at sign in. Very sad state of affairs in Hershey.
I have many things to catch up with such as the ever present laundry back up so I'll keep it short(ha!). We went to see our friends in Lock Haven and my darling boyfriend had another A-fib. We wound up on a medical adventure in the midst of Pennsylvania. Our friends drove us to one hospital nearby and they didn't have a cardiac care unit so they didn't want to chance doing much but stabilizing him. They transferred us by ambulance to Williamsport hospital where there is a wonderful unit with people on the ball and so we had what is being described as Roger's Big Pa. Adventure. My BIL Bob and son James drove out to bring us home yesterday and Roger sees his cardiologist today. I don't know what we would have done without Rich and Diane. They are more like family all the time. Actually they're better than family for me since my family(except for my brother Pete) are all lunatics. They are the kind friends that you thank God for. What a gift to us both to have them in our lives.
I'll keep you posted but for now Roger converted back to sinus rhythm and is feeling pretty good.
We are home and ten minutes from the hospital and his Dr. so we could sleep last night again.
I'll be back as soon as I can stuff my heart back down into my chest.


Cindra said...

I will tell you the second visit to the hospital was ticket for Stretch. He goes for his stress test tomorrow and will hopefully be of cumidin or however you spell it.
Hope they find the fit for your sweetie. It can be a little scary. And on top of that visit? OMG! I think I would have protested a couple of bills there. If they don't hear the displeasure.. they won't change. Find some travel site to complain... get the word out. that's awful!

Gerrie said...

Well, I guess you and Roger did not have an excellent adventure this time around. So sorry to hear about the bad hotel and his medical emergency. I am sure you are feeling there is no place like home, today.

Missed ya!

Janet said...

That sounds like the hotel from hell! Food is such a basic thing, you'd think they'd try to at least get that right! And nothing sugarless! How weird.

I'm glad to hear that Roger is home and close to a hospital. It must be so scary for you. I'll keep you both in my thoughts.

The Calico Cat said...

I did not see Mother Earth - at Hershey (I have seen it twice before though). So I did not see the no blog photos sign... I wonder what else I missed?

As I mentioned yesterday - we packed our lunch & ate at the VERY nice restaurant at the Hershey Hotel down the road... (I am not one for buffets - especially not at $17.50 each!)

I am only drinking water - so no experiences with the other beverages...

Kay said...

Oh, Dee. Sorry about the hospital trip; hope things are truly stable now.

Rian said...

Sorry to hear about Roger. That is so scary. Not the kind of adventure we want to know about.

Congratulations on the award, you deserve it. We talked about blogging at the Long Beach show and the consensus seems to be that people really enjoy the personal stuff. That's certainly true for me, yeah sure I like to see the quilts and art, but it's the personal touches and the creative writing about everyday life that keeps us coming back.

Big green w/ envy that you got to see Mother Earth...I haven't seen it.

KCQuilter said...

So sorry about your trip, darn it all anyway. Hope your DH is all better by now. Hershey is a cute little town, but glad to have the info on the lodge. That just sounds plain ridiculous. Maybe if enough people boycott them, they'll get the message.