Thursday, July 10, 2008

Pssssst...wanna buy some coffee???

For Dorothy, who lives in the Green Mountains.

This morning I was planning on doing some cutting and sewing when who should appear at my door with an undercover delivery for the old man. This guy showed up with the monthly delivery of Green Mountain Coffee. If my husband was home I would make him stand up and say "My name is Roger, I'm a coffeeholic"

He got himself one of those Keurig Coffee makers. In truth, he had been buying Green Mountain for some time. The coffee maker was a special treat for himself. He loved it so much another was purchased for his office. Now we get the daily coffee stash report. Things are mumbled, such as, "Only 5 more days to Mountain Blueberry delivery." You get the picture. He's main-lining the stuff.
Seriously, Now the deliveries are taking over my sewing area. I must re-establish my authoritay!
I'm really kidding since I have taken over every square inch of space with fabric and sewing supplies. I will remove the boxes in a few minutes and do some work on the Lavender thing that will hopefully then leave it in flimsy condition. It will have to stay that way until I am able to find a table somewhere to lay it out for sandwiching. At that point I hope to move on to some other UFOs with a more holiday theme in mind as well as a couple of gifty things for friends. I'm working on a redwork piece but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to photograph it. Every picture I take comes out glaring white. A photographer I am NOT!
Tonight is the Thurs. quilt gals so I should come up with something for dinner so I can scoot out of here at 7. Talk to you soon.


Dorothy said...

So your pink-shrub squirrels are inviting their Green Mountain relatives over for some 6 Flags fun? I understand Roger's uh, problem though. I looves me some GMCR, oh yes I do. I should introduce him to the witchcraft that is Lake Champlain Chocolates.

Gerrie said...

Do you know how to turn of the flash? That will usually prevent the white glare. You are making me crave some of that coffee!!

Mary said...

I love my Keurig and my deliveries from Green Mountain Coffee too but I mostly drink the teas and leave the coffee to Keith.