Tuesday, August 19, 2008

We're home & Main St.

I finally got Roger home and he's doing well. They have given him new meds and he will take a couple of days to see how that goes. Fingers crossed. Both of us are really beat so I'll keep it short. Thanks to all of you who left nice comments and private e-mails. You really made me feel good.
I've gotten nothing accomplished so I have a few pictures of the village to fill the void. This is a picture looking up from the harbor. Today is Tuesday and if it's Tuesday here it's Family night in the village. They close off the lower part of town and allow some antique car owners to park there for show and have many different types of fun activities. If I'm not mistaken tonight is ugly hair night and I imagine there will be some really wild & hairy folks trying for the prize. There's usually some music-various local groups and , of course, no party would be complete without food vendors and junk food of some sort. Of course if it's Italian night there may be zeppoli and they are great. For those who don't know what zeppoli are-they are fried dough in the manner of doughnuts covered with powdered sugar and in a brown paper bag. The farther away you are from the purchase of the zeppoli the more the bag will be covered with oil and then they are basically belly bombers. No one in their right mind would touch a cold zeppoli. However, hot and crispy, they are the bomb.
We will not be attending this since we have no will power and don't want to wind up in the hospital with zeppoli-related injuries.
I'll talk to you soon.


Gerrie said...

Take care!! XX OO

Anonymous said...

I would think nobody wants those dreaded zeppoli-related injuries so I don't blame you for staying home ;D
Best wishes to Roger...hope he feels better and stays better. You take care...hugs to you.

Kay said...

I hope the new meds work. Get some much needed rest, both of you.

Libby said...

What a great little village . . . just the kind of place to have a weekly family night *s* Glad to hear you are home. Remember to take some time for yourself to rest and refresh. It is probably wise to stay home tonight - zeppoli (hot or cold) is probably not the best medicine!

judy from npt said...

Glad to see that
Roger is home and feeling better.
Thanks for the pictures.