Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday-no WIP

Can you stand some more local color? Other than that, I've got nothing. Roger was down in the park for his walk this past weekend and snapped a few shots of autumn in the village. He told me there were some shots of flying boats and I didn't know what he meant until I downloaded the pics from the camera this morning. Flying boats-yeah, now I get it. The pics are clickable.
A couple of the many beautiful old circa houses that line the waterfront. Most were houses that belonged to the ship captains and ship builders that founded this community. There's one house not too far from those I'm showing you, that once was the Pink House. When I was growing up it was very hush-hush(not) that it was the house where the local Madame lived and all the working girls lived. Very cool house though-at least I always love it because it was so colorful...color wise I mean(heeeee). It's a beautiful old Victorian.
Someday I really intend to resume quilting and sewing again...really I do. Meanwhile, we are having the roof re-shingled and possibly some new sheetrock in the older part of the house. Maybe while I'm being held hostage in the house next week by the workmen on the roof and possible sheetrock workers I will set up the machine and fondle some fabric. I'm coming across so many wonderful things I purchased over the course of the past year and never got around to using. It's fun making these discoveries of beautiful fabric bundles and I can't wait to cut into them. Has anyone seen the things that folks are making with the cut selvage edges of fabric? There's a whole blog devoted to it called Selvage Blog. I'm fascinated. Love to try something small like the ornaments that were posted last week. Great postcards as well.
Back to the to you later


Cindra said...

You do live in a beautiful little town! Love all that white against the blue sky!

How fun is all that selvage!

Libby said...

I do love seeing the local color . . . we don't get that gorgeous autumn glow here *s*
The selvages are something - just think of how many we have thrown out over the years.

Darcie said...

Aw...a little boat hammock!

Wow...the architectural detail on those houses! Amazing. They don't often build them like that anymore, do they!

Kay said...

What a beautiful place you live in, Dee.

Finn said...

Hi Dee, they are lovely pictures. I'm always up for seeing small village treasures *VBS*
I think all of us hit the doldrums in piecing and quilting from time to time. I wandered around there most of the first 6-8 months of this year. Then the bug bite me, and I am a sewing fool these days!
I'm happy that you are re-finding all those treasures of previous purchases. Keep the faith baby!! Hugs, Finn