Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Whine & Cheese please.

Thank you to all who were kind enough to leave messages of hope for this pathetic whiner. I'm making headway in very tiny steps and you suggestions were much appreciated. I put together a large bag of clothing for a woman down at the Pantry who has a daughter around my size. It was nice to know that the clothes will go somewhere useful. Going to the Pantry will get your head on straight every time. There are people with real problems. They'd kill to have no space in their closet for art. Anyway, I am going back up after I finish this cup of tea and see if I can fill another bag with stuff to go. By the way, my good friend Jane Ann had the answer in her comment. It's that self-destructive seed within that keeps me from achieving my goals or, in fact, even beginning. If there's a mess, I can't create and thus, can't fail. It's my personal no-fail system. No start-no fail. Small steps ladies, small steps.
Did you get out and vote today? The lines were amazing and the Village was so busy. Tuesday morning here is usually so quiet. I couldn't get near the Library since the voting takes place across the street. No parking anywhere. Usually, I can roller skate through the grocery store and not see a soul shopping. It was super busy today.
Well, the tea is gone and so am I.


Debra said...

Jane Ann is talking about the same idea I have. When I walk into my closet I see boxes and I don't panic that the fabric isn't neat, or used or even the color I need, I just see white cardboard boxes. It becomes a nice little surprise to look into the box to find the fabrics I need. I also believe in keeping the "utility supplies" needed on a daily basis in the closet or in cabinets so I'm not looking at them all the time. I also only drag out the fabric I need for the current project. It saves me from feeling overwhelmed. I can always close the closet door!

Rian said...

You can always find people with more (worse) problems than you. Why not start a gratitude journal? Just one thought a day. Might get the muse flashing again.

Janet said...

After reading your previous post it made me stop and think (I've done it before but I always seem to rationalize it) because I wouldn't want my family to have to dig out my studio! I have also been following the two women who had to clear out their mother's things. It's a big job and it usually has to be done under very difficult circumstances. So I'm pledging to get rid of junk from my studio! Thanks, Dee for being an inspiration. You aren't whining. You're inspiring me.