Thursday, January 29, 2009

9-patch Jumble for Bumble Beans

I spent part of the afternoon yesterday making 9-patch blocks for Bumble Beans to use for a very good cause. If you have some 9-patches taking up space or a few minutes to make some(2 inch squares-block finishes about 5 in)check out her blog and help out. Nine patches are like eating peanuts-you just can't stop and they are so rewarding. A little effort and a big reward. They're always so sweet. Just grabbed some scraps and went to town.
We had a snowstorm yesterday and my "boys" were home so it was a sort of lost day. I never really accomplish much when they are here-so much distraction and so easy to be lazy....sigh.
Our treadmill from another planet has finally arrived in the store after a trip up the east coast to several Dick's Sporting Goods Stores. Memo to self-do not buy from Dick's. Pardon me but the name sort of suits them. My BIL Bob made the purchase for us as a Christmas gift and we got one but it's in the basement where it has sat for 6 weeks...not working. By now Bob has probably paid the very expensive bill, since he bought a really good model that can support our chunkyness. Roger finally managed to get through and low and behold!!!! it arrived at the store yesterday...yeah...right. Now we have to wait for the delivery company and set-up guys to get it here. Meanwhile we feel like the slugs that we have become. The temps have gotten a little better and most of the snow is gone, due to a heavy, warmish, rain that followed the snow yesterday. That's my kind of snowstorm.
There is the annual Superbowl party at our friends house Sunday and it will be good to get out of the house for something other than a quick trip to the grocery store. By the way, every time I set foot into that place it becomes more like $200. Target. Geez it's expensive to eat decent meals.
Gotta go now and do some laundry and get back to the Mighty Viking.

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THANKS DEE! they look awesome. I can't wait to put this together! It will be alike a great puzzle! I really appreciate it!