Sunday, January 11, 2009

Quiltathon saved me!

Thanks to Judy L and the quiltathon I've been busy with the baby quilt for our niece Kristy. The baby is due in February so I'd better get a move on. I found this cute Debby Mum fabric last week at JoAnn's and I'm just making simple blocks-large squares surrounded by accent fabric. It was really fun to get back to something creative even if it is just a simple thing. The big snow storm predicted for yesterday was ,happily, a bust. Just a couple of inches. That's our favorite kind. A little snow, no ice pellets. By next week we are to be in the deep freeze though. I made a big pot of soup and biscuits for dinner last night-everyone was happy.

I took my lovely Christmas gift cards for Barnes & Noble out for a ride Friday. I will show some of those titles tomorrow. Lots of good reading. We have a new B&N just opened nearby and so it's pretty well stocked with good stuff. Borders is going downhill fast. Nothing but coffee table books and crap. It's a shame what has happened to them. I always liked them more than B&N. They offered more unusual things and lots of historical work. Well, I guess any book store is better than none.

That's about as exciting as my week got. Today I will try to get the top done and during the week I'll get it finished.....yeah..that's what I'll do...finish something.
As soon as you all stop laughing get a load of these two guys. There were rumors of an alien invasion last week and I think these two are safe from mind-melding and such. I'm putting down the camera and backing away slowly.


Darcie said...

Looks like a lovely little collection of fabric for a newborn's quilt! Way to go!

Perfect work to enjoy during imperfect weather. Ugh...we've got much the same. Remind me of all of this when I'm belly-aching about the heat and humidity in July please.

Janet said...

Yay! You're quilting again! And what could be better than gift cards to a book store....and a new book store close by! That must be heaven.

Looks like the guys are having some fun!

Anonymous said...

Simple is good; very good. Simple is what always gets me back on track when I've strayed too far from the sewing machine.

And do you want us to send in a SWAT team? I mean, you ARE safe, aren't you?

Libby said...

Baby quilts! What fun - I can't wait to see what your making. I love the prints you've picked.

I've been on a bookstore boycott of late, instead going to the library. You hit it on the head about coffee tablebooks. So far, anyway, the library hasn't let me down *s*

Jeri said...

The quilt looks great! back on track, me too. :)