Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wonky piecing

I made these wonky blocks for Stacey in Australia. They are making quilts for the people who have lost their homes from the bushfires. I hope to get them into the mail tomorrow.
I found an interesting thing happened while making these blocks. It's hard to do wonky blocks. Whoda thunk? You just sew random pieces to make the star points and it never looks right. That's because it's supposed to look wrong. I'm far from perfect in the matchy-match points area but it was equally hard to be randomly wrong. Anyway, the blocks are a snap otherwise and I enjoyed the journey to liberated quiltmaking. I hope to go there again soon. I think I'm becoming a convert. I put an additional packet of fabric pieces into the envelope in case someone wants to make more blocks with the leftovers. I've got too much to do right now to make any more myself . I hope it helps someone.
On the home front, yesterday it was BIL Bob's birthday. On Monday, since the guys were off for President's Day, we took a ride to the south shore and had lunch on the Nautical Mile in Freeport. For those who live far from me, its a place you can go to take a chartered fishing excursion for a few hours. They have a gambling boat as well. Anyway, there are a hundred restaurants on the water and even though few were open this time of year, we did manage to find one and have a lunch together. We had planned to take him to somewhere a bit nicer but that will have to wait a few weeks. Bob had the test for sleep apnea and it turns out the reason he can't sleep for more than a couple of hours is that he has a major case of it. I hope the mask will help him get some rest.
Other than that-I've got nothing. This seems to be a very down time here. Nothing really interesting....Except...the baby for whom I made the Delectable Mountains quilt is due any minute-that's pretty exciting. Can't wait to see the little darling.
Talk to you soon.


Libby said...

Being a liberated quilter is lots of fun - welcome *s* Your stars look great and will go into a quilt that is sure to be loved.

Janet said...

I like the wonky quilt blocks and I'm sure someone in Australia will be thrilled to have them in a quilt. What a generous place is Blogland!

As for it being a down time, I think many people are feeling that right now. But spring is just around the corner and things will be brighter then. Can you hear those birdies chirping?!!

Melody said...

You are a champion of wonkitude. Lovely off kilter blocks.