Monday, May 18, 2009

Quilting blog....Really???

Here's a shot of one of the Hibiscus I got for Mothers Day from Roger. It's the most vibrant color. James got me the pink one I showed in the last post-that is smaller but full of blooms in a very pretty pink. I've been so busy planting and cleaning and somehow never getting around to the fun quilty stuff. My fault really since I am the Scarlett O'Hara of housework. I'm very behind in the mundane things that need to be done. Housework sucks. You may quote me.
My BIL Bob is back to work today after a few days of discomfort from his procedure last week. He seemed in fairly good spirits yesterday and that made us worry a little less. One day at a time.
I've been giving the gifting of quilts a lot of thought. I think I'm going to lay off the gifts for a while. I foolishly think it means something to others because it means something to me. That's very arrogant of me to assume that others can understand the value or importance of something hand made. We just don't live in that world anymore. A blogging friend made a quilt for a silent auction at a school to raise funds and the highest bid was $40. That speaks volumes about how people value hand made work. That small bid wouldn't even pay for the materials for the finished quilt not to mention the time and care put into it. Sad.
Anyway, I have a number of things to finish and bind and I think I'm going to keep them with one or two exceptions. Then I'd like to work on a quilt I've been saving fabric for. Maybe I need something a bit more of a challenge to re-energize my spirit.
Hope you are doing something fun in the sun. Talk to you soon.


Mary said...

I get asked for quilts to auction and have made a decision that the quilts I make go directly to individuals in need or going through difficult times...they're the ones that seem to realize the true value of the quilt in it's ability to provide warmth and comfort.

Janet said...

Your attitude about housework is the same as mine! Why do we have to keep cleaning when it just gets dirty again!! Yuk! Such a waste of time that I could be using for something fun.

Glad to hear BIL Bob is feeling a little better.

GARI said...

I agree on housework and gifting quilts/handwork. I make comfort quilts for kids and our guild does auction quilts. But I rarely make quilts for gifts: no appreciation. I made embroidered pillows for each family member of my family (21)for birthdays last year and got 6 Thank You's. Cards and/or emails this year. And yet I still LOVE making quilts.

Grazia said...

You're right Dee!
People don't appreciate the value of handmade things...I prefer to donate as gifts my works instead of selling them for a ridicolous price!
Have a lovely week!

Deb Geyer said...

That is a gorgeous flower!!

Cindra said...

I totally understand. People at school are always asking me to knit a blanket or make a quilt for this or that fund raiser. They have no clue how many hours goes into creating that item.
Love that Hibiscus!

limpingalong said...

Well, I agree with several of the comments and I'll just add this..... if you enjoy the making of quilts, and choose to gift them, the enjoyment you have already had may have to be enough.
If you don't enjoy making them, then don't do so.

Actually, this goes for everything you do. I spent 5 years doing some special genealogy research for my dear hubby's family -- made they all albums and mailed them.
I felt dammed with faint praise -- thank you's were sadly lacking and a couple, who refused to provide any personal information -- actually got "hurt" because they didn't feel as fully featured as others. I guess the rewards have to come from within ourselves.