Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Fun

I've been having fun thinking outside the box. I finally found all my Kaffe fabrics and played around with some liberated string pieces yesterday. Fun! Roger gave me two of the books here for Christmas and ordered Liberated Quiltmaking II. It arrived day before yesterday. I love it and am enjoying going through all three books in an effort to get a little more loose with the design process. Several years ago I made a top using similar method to the pieces I'm showing here. Funny thing is, I didn't know anything about free-piecing and liberated anything. I just had all these strips and thought something scrappy strippy would be great. I gave that top away to a fellow quilter who asked for it. These blocks will be a more colorful version of that. Nothing like letting go and just having fun with design. I was really enjoying just being in my new room and working there for a couple of hours helped to point out to me what needs to be changed. Right now I'm sort of working on a very old desk top. I need a better space to sew on and definitely a better space to cut on. My back hurt from bending over yesterday. The table is way too low. Terry has a real cutting table in her basement that I may borrow to see if that would help and I need to bring down my very large drawing table, which is much more open. The desk has only a knee hole opening and I'm getting black and blue from bumping my knees moving around in a too small space.

Nevertheless, I was in heaven finally working on anything. I woke early this morning feeling so positive about quilting/sewing for the first time in a long while. Couldn't wait to get to the machine and play with pieces.

An update on the Cablevision thing. They finally gave us Food Network and HGTV back yesterday. I fully expect to have an increase in billing coming soon. Either that or they have figured out how popular FN is and turn it into a premium network soon. You know when you deal with Cablevision you're going to get screwed somehow it's just a question of when. The really cool thing about my new room is that I have only the radio in there and I'm discovering the joy of listening to music and NPR again. There's nothing worthwhile on TV anyway so I'm not missing much. When things get a bit more settled in the new room I will have a computer in there on which I can watch dvds and stuff from places like HULU. Good enough.
I'm off to have a bagel and some tea after which I plan to sew...Whoo Hoo!!


Kay said...

These books are such fun! I made the Liberated Wedding Ring a while back for a charity quilt and just loved it. I want to do one of the basket ones too.

For the table, there's something you do with pieces of PVC pipe on the legs that raises the table. I used cinder blocks on mine for a long time. Anything is better than bending all the time.

Enjoy! They'll be great with those fabrics you're using.

The Calico Cat said...

You know when you deal with Cablevision you're going to get screwed somehow it's just a question of when.

Comcast isn't any better...

Janet said...

Whenever I do anything different in my studio I have to use it for a few days to see if it works or not. I like tables to be higher, too. I like to stand while I work. My one area is counter height and I love it.

Love all those bright colors in the fabrics....those will make a beautiful quilt.

And just so you know, having satellite TV isn't always great either!!

Libby said...

Hope you are having fun with your new, liberated outlook. I think you will find some very pleasing results *s*
*argh* television service in any form is an exercise in frustrations, to be sure!

Judy from Northport said...

Love what you did yesterday.
I, too, have a drawerful of Kaffe and have LQII on reserve at the libes.
Thanks for the preview and the inspiration and also for the intro to Bumblebeans!