Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Curtains and such

Hope you got a chance to go see the Interpret This artists. If not, scroll down for the link and see it. Also the Twelve by Twelve Group is showing their work for this month. It's all about Colorplay this month. It's Blue & White with a Touch of Black month. Lovely work.

I'm making curtains for my BIL Bob's kitchen. Frankly, I think he couldn't really care less about the curtains but we've reached the stage in life where buying anything for birthdays and other celebrations is kind of moot. Bob is well set and his main mission in life is travel. The house is a place that holds his clothes and bed. He's very close to retirement and I suspect that when that happens he'll be out of here more than not. He's taken to buying himself books by the shopping bag full and his taste in those is science fiction. I haven't a clue what he's read or not read at this point so book giving is another thing that is random. Suffice to say that when it comes to birthdays and such, Bob's a tough nut to crack. He's super generous to us so I feel like a gift giving failure. He just doesn't NEED anything. Friends gave him a coffee maker last Christmas..it's still in the box. He uses ours the few times he drinks coffee. Anyway, this birthday, I decided, instead of giving another gift that is left by the wayside, I'll make new curtains for the kitchen in his part of the house. I'm almost done and glad of it. I need to move on to something interesting. Sewing curtains can make you feel sleepy. It's gray outside, That's not helping the mood.
I know everyone is so ready for spring. Today I came home from the grocery store and I heard a bird trilling out in the garden. This morning I saw chipmunks running on the wall outside. So happy! The light at the end of the tunnel may not be a train soon. Ran into a friend of mine at the store, she said she was itching to take a walk outside. It's just to icy and too many snow banks on our hills. Makes for dangerous walking on these narrow roads. Patience. That's what I told her...stop that laughing.
Hope it's sunny where you are. Back soon.


Gerrie said...
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The Calico Cat said...

I almost recognize that polka dot (the one with the things inside with a green background.) I have the blue background version & have decided to use it in a quilt that I just saw in the new Quilts - n - More magazine.

Libby said...

Yesterday there was 'spring hope' with a high temp of almost 50 . . . . today we woke to snow. Oh well *s*

Rian said...

I think spring is going to be a welcome sight for all of us after this long, cold winter!

Debra said...

If the curtains are dreary at least you have that perky quilt alongside them to work on.