Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Spring is sprung

I had to find this image on the net since the crocus in my yard are so far up on a hill and virtually un-reachable, except by the squirrels and chipmunks who probably moved them there. At any rate, if I could climb up there, this is what you would see popping up. Daffodils to follow and hyacinth coming along soon. Now we just have to make it past the next few weeks without the S word. It's really a lovely day. The air smells sweet and the birds are singing.

I'm working on Food Pantry issues today so I can work on sewing tomorrow. Also, it's haircut/color day tomorrow. It can't come a moment too soon. When I made the appointment it was after a haircut that was really just a clean-up trim. Not thinking that by 6 weeks later I would be totally frazzled by the mess that is my hair today. I'm not fussy about much except my hair. If it looks(like it does now) raggedy and out of shape I'm a cranky mess.

There was good news in our world last week. Our DIL to be Dani got a job. She has been searching for a while and had many resumes out. The job market has been so horrible that things kept falling through and she was in that terrible go-round where they wanted someone with experience and how can you get it when you can't get a job. Finally, last week she got hired for what seems like it could be a good job. I'm very happy for her and for James since we wondered what would happen to the wedding date if some of the pieces didn't fall together. Fingers crossed, now things are looking up and they can resume looking for possible places to live. It's very expensive around here but I'm holding out some hope that maybe a miracle will happen. I would love to have them nearby. Time will tell.

Yesterday I got a fat quarter selection of the new April Cornell fabric you see above. I can't seem to make the picture move to where I want it and I'm done trying to play nicely with blogger. Anyway, It's so pretty I can hardly stand not immediately getting in to it. For today though I will just have to fondle it and think of something pretty to make with it. Maybe a birthday present for a friend is a possibility. It would also make some pretty, girly, dresses in that pattern I bought last week....hmmm

On the the paperwork. Back soon.

I wanted to add that I finished that book, "A Reliable Wife" by Robert Goolrick. It's not big so one night and an afternoon did the trick. It's really well written but toward the end it could have been a bit better enriched with more explanation of the characters intentions and the explanations given just didn't seem to justify the attitude of the bad guy. Not sure that makes sense but the character of the son and his long separation from the father just left me sort of cold. I felt loose ends didn't get tied up for me very well and mostly I wondered why the father would want him back and further why the son spent his life in such ruin. Even at that, it's a book worth giving a read. The writing is very good and he manages to make the weather and the land a character. Kind of Steinbeck-like. It has very violent moments and some sexual content. Give it a go. I really couldn't put it down for most of the book. Like so many books I've read lately, the ending left me wanting so much more.


Suzan said...

Same kind of weather here. Kind of makes me want to run nekkid in the fields! (Or maybe not...)

Janet said...

My post today is about spring too! I love your photo of the crocuses (however it's spelled!!)

Yea for Dani finding a job especially in today's job market. I hope it turns out to be a good one and that she enjoys it.

Libby Fife said...

I just love her color choices!