Friday, April 09, 2010

Cooler heads and temperatures

Thanks to everyone who read and commented even though I was having a minor meltdown. My friend Rian was right. I just needed a cookie, or something like that, a treat of some sort. The something like that was Sushi. I visited my local sushi maker and had a spring roll and a spicy crab roll. That, and the fact that the temperature has returned to something like spring is making me a much happier Dee. My photographer got a couple of shots of early spring in the harbor. Not too many boats right now but in a week or so there will be a lot more. One of those shots shows a boat pulling the free- floating docks into place. After a long winter people can begin to use them for small boat tie ups or to fish off the docks from. Is it flounder season yet? I think it may be.

Yesterday I finally got off the stick and finished the baby quilt. Not sure if I mentioned it but I decided to try my hand at quilting it with the walking foot. I did some echo quilting around the blocks(straight line-easy) and finished it up yesterday. I also bound it with the walking foot which is not something I normally like to do but I always forget that a baby quilt is going to get the crap kicked out of it and doesn't need to pass muster from judges in a quilt show. It looks perfectly fine and I can check off that thing from my list.

The little nine patch that I made a while back from civil war type fabrics is almost finished. When I'm done here I will finish putting the binding on and that will be another finish. Wow! Two thing in one week. Can you stand it?

Well, I'm off to figure out what's for dinner and then head to my sewing room. My sewing room...doesn't that sound lovely. It sure does to me. I'm finally growing comfortable and happy in my new space. It need some work but for now I'm a happy camper.


Suzan said...

Darling baby quilt! BTW - the bag is done and will be in the mail on Saturday. Whoo hoo!

Rian said...

Amazing what a cookie will do for your psyche. Even a sushi cookie.

Love, love, LOVE that baby quilt! The palette is so fresh and wonderful!

AnnieO said...

Whew, glad that meltdown was stopped, I was afraid you'd end up in the harbor for a dunking :)

Your quilts look great! I always use a three-step zigzag stitch on the bindings of quilts I know are going to be washed a lot.

Happy Spring and sewing room.

Libby said...

Sushi - that's a good idea. I feel like I've been ramping up for a rant the last few days . . . . maybe I should try sushi and take it down a notch *s*