Wednesday, April 21, 2010

This & That

Hi Gang! Can I get a Woo Hoo for Mozilla? My son put Firefox on the new computer and all appears to be right with the universe. Now if the guys get finished with the drywall and painting, I can get back into my room and fondle some fabric again.

The allergy season is upon us with a vengeance this year. I've had to resort to an inhaler, cough syrup and the occasional Benadryl to get through the night. The result of which is that I feel like I'm in a fog.

I notice that many of my bloggy friends are taking time off to do springy things. I need to get to the local gardening store to check out some flowers. Last year James got me the most beautiful hibiscus in the prettiest shade of pink. I would like to find another of those. We don't have a lot of space with good sun. I say this because most of the yard is in intense full on sun during the hottest parts of the day. Over the years I have found that it works best to plant the front bed with sun tolerant plants rather than too many flowers. They just fade away in that harsh light. This hill that we live on is bumpy and claybound. Unfortunately, my back no longer allows too much of the kind of work that would fix that soil.
I'm having a major staff problem at the Food Pantry. Our treasurer resigned and the search for a new treasurer had resulted in the powers that be hiring someone who is not only not a good candidate for the job but also missing in action. This change took place 3 weeks ago and I've not heard a single word from this person since then. I rely on the paperwork being forwarded to me from said treasurer in order that I may send the thank you, memorial donations, and grocery gift cards to the right people. Today, I went down to see my partner in crime, who runs the day-to-day action at the pantry itself. In the mailbox there was a stack of about 60 or more letters containing checks just sitting there. Some of that money should have been deposited weeks ago. My partner, Sally also goes every weekend to COSTCO and buys a palette of food costing around $500. There are 3 receipts from her purchases, which she charges on her AMEX. That's $1500. on her personal charge account that has not been reimbursed. There are donations in memory of a person who has died which require 2 letters each and they are 3 weeks old. Memorial donations should be acknowledged immediately. Not 3 weeks later.
As you may have sensed, I'm a little pissed. I think this woman was talked into doing a job she really didn't want and she probably figured she would do it when she gets a chance...sometime. here's a rumor that she may appear tomorrow and Sally says she will call me when & if she gets there. We will be having a conversation. All of this is by way of reminding you that "no good deed goes un-punished" and "things can always be worse"-I'm living in a cliche.

I just got back from the Pantry and a visit for tea at the Library with my best pal Terry. Picked up a few good books which I'll write about tomorrow. Right now I have to go address the problem of the Laundry, which I capitalize, since I swear, that stuff multiplies overnight and thus has a whole life of its own. Someday it will overwhelm me when I open the door and I'll never be found again. Shhhh...Does that stuff look like it's moving closer to me??? It makes for a good horror story. She went to do some laundry and we never saw her again.
Send out a party if I'm not back soon, will ya?


Gerrie said...

Well, at least the treasurer didn't disappear with the checks!! Getting volunteer help is always tricky!!

Janet said...

I much prefer Firefox over IE. Fewer problems.

Sorry about the allergies....and all the problems at the Food Pantry. Hopefully she hasn't fled with all the money!!

I keep telling you to send your laundry to me! I don't mind doing laundry at's all the other stuff I don't like! Cooking and cleaning!!

Libby Fife said...

Maybe the treasurer has fallen under a pile of laundry and can't get up???

I can attest to the fact that the stuff multiplies during the night. How else to explain why two people generate so much filth?

Melody Johnson said...

I am facing the same monster.