Friday, August 13, 2010

Techniphobe or old fart..your choice

What is this strange thing that happens when you suddenly are forced into a new situation and are completely out of your realm and you look in the glass window at a reflection and say, "who's that old fart?" Turns out it's you!

Thanks to you ladies who were kind enough to leave me the sweet messages. Made my day and Hey Judy! Want to take a ride to Riverhead? I thought not but thanks for your lovely comment.

Roger is still in the hospital but doing better. Yesterday was a mixed bag of ridiculous. Can't go into detail but let's just say that I hope to get him out of there REALLY soon. His care is wonderful but his patience is running out quickly and I think that being so far from home makes him(and me) nervous. It's a 45-50 minute trip on the expressway. If you know anything about Long Island you know to stay away from the expressway at all cost. Anyway, he's in Riverhead...way out east of us near the end of the island and near the lab where he works which is where he works and became ill. Riverhead is a very old part of the island with much agriculture and many miles of grapes for the lovely wines they produce. In the center of Riverhead there is an old fashioned roundabout traffic circle like they still have in Boston and other New England areas. The joke goes that you can get in but you can't get out. Rogers hospital is right there on the northeast corner of the roundabout. Anyway, I'll be the old broad going around in circles with a blinker on...round and round...forever. Fortunately his room faces that corner so he can see me and wave.
I ran into another problem of a minor nature though. No cell phone. I'm a technophobe and hate cell phones-hate them. Now I have to drag myself into this century and go buy one of those things from hell because there is no way to communicate with the rest of the family. Luckily two people were kind enough to lend me theirs yesterday and boy did I feel like a jerk. I didn't even know what to do to make a call. Did I mention how much I hate cell phones? People look at you in a weird way when you ask for a pay phone. Also I have a little bit of a hearing problem and I find it so unpleasant to talk on them. I'm thinking that the guys at the store are going to get a huge kick out of trying to teach me how to use a cell phone. Happy to provide entertainment to anyone I can.
So anyway, this is the old fart, technophobe signing off for now. Back with news when I can.


Rian said...

I feel your pain and am sorry for your troubles. When Jim was diagnosed (incorrectly, as it turned out) with a terrible disease a few years ago, I remember looking in the mirror and not recognizing the old person looking back at me. I think it's part of the shock and stress...and reality. Whatever it is, you will soon be back to your own reality again.

Gerrie said...

I am so sorry to hear that Roger is still in hospital. This has to be a stressful situation for you right now. I hope he is home soon and you are off and running towards the wedding day. And, yes, I have driven the LI Expressway so I do not envy you that. XXOO

Terry said...

Give your cell phone a chance. Buy one in a pretty color. That helps. Really, I can't imagine living without a cell phone, despite hating to talk on the phone.

Lunachance said...

I would suggest buying a prepaid cellphone and not get stuck in a contract (where you will pay and pay and pay some more). I use the Trac-fone and it is a good deal, especially if it is only used for emergencies and not as a primary phone.

Del said...

Lunachance might have the right idea. If you don't think you will find a need for a cell phone in the future it might be better to just use a prepaid phone in this situation. However, you would be safer on the road at all times if you have a cell phone to call for help. My experience of having a serious car breakdown on the I-5 in an area without services was the impetus to buying my first cell phone. Fortunately, many drivers called the Highway Patrol (on their cell phones)and eventually an officer stopped to see what the problem was. I'm happy to pay the fees for a two-year contract just for the security of knowing I can yell for help when I need it. Del in SCalif

Barbara C said...

I hope your hubby get well and can go home soon. I know hospitalizations put a strain on the whole family.

Find someone to tutor you on the cell phone. I have my kids set mine up because I haven't the brain space to learn how, but I have impressed myself and learned to text.