Tuesday, December 28, 2010

White Out

We buy our birdseed by the 50lb bags and feed a multitude of wonderful little birds all year round. When I got up early this morning the trees were laden with all sorts of little feathery critters waiting patiently for breakfast. Since we hadn't yet began to dig, we made a space on the porch rail outside and threw out some seed. They are so small and darling.
Bob and I went to our good friend's Joe & Geri Sunday for brunch. They only live in the next town over but the ride home was a knuckle-biter. We left at about 5 just as the real wild wind and snow started to come down. The snow thunder and lightning was a surprise. That really woke me up from my drowsing off the all day eating binge at "Open House at the McCabe's". Who expects lightning in a blizzard? I thought the thunder was just a truck rumbling by.
I got a Kindle and a Kindle case as well as a gift card for Amazon. I'm finding my way around it pretty well. The directions are very clear even for someone who is computer challenged. I like the way it feels in hand and the print is so clear and dark. Love it!
I will have to make a couple of purchases in the next few weeks for myself. My dishwasher is on it's last legs and this wireless keyboard that I am writing on has a number of keys that are either stuck or not working real well at all. The x and the c are a problem, making for very funny words at times. Now I really must proof the writing or I sound like I've been in the Christmas punchbowl a little too long.
Speaking of that I did have a lot more wine than usual. That translates to two glasses and a margarita.
Christmas Day dinner at Terry and Jim's was a lot of fun. The food was amazing and of course time spent with my dearest friends is a special event in any case. We are always running and going and never have the time to sit and just talk. Wonderful. It did us a lot of good.
Christmas Eve I made Shrimp Scampi for James and Dani who brought Miss Lucy along for a fun time. I understand that she was, at first, thrilled with snow and soon after...not so much. Those tiny legs are only about 5 inches tops. There is 2 feet of snow out. She has had enough of the wonder of snow already. Frankly, I'm with Lucy.
I finally un-covered my car. Wow am I going to be sore tomorrow. I need a few things from the store like milk and, of course, bagels. Last night I made a pot of bacon, potato, spinach chowder. It was very good. So good that my son even loved it. One of the best things about winter has to be soup. Easily one of the best and easiest meals. Throw a bagel in the toaster and a small salad and your set.
Hoping to find my way to the sewing machine very soon. For the moment I'm stuck in paperwork hell. One of the insurance companies is asking for the original policy and I have turned the house upside down. I have years worth of paid premiums proof but I can't find the original policy...dang.
I've run out of places to look and now am hoping that he may have kept the policies in his desk at work. I will contact our friend Tom later to have a look see what he can find. Hope there is a way around it if it doesn't turn up.
Off to the store. Back soon.


Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

you have two feet of snow over there? wow! we have like barely 8"... isn't it amazing what 40 miles difference makes! glad your dug out! we haven't even ventured out since Sunday... today maybe the day... will.need.food.soon.

Gerrie said...

I was thinking about you when I saw the storm heading right at you! Mr C loves his Kindle and I know you will too. It is the instant gratification - finish a book and grab another one.

I have not been to a single party and we had a very low key food and drink event here so I am feeling pretty good. One benefit of not celebrating.

Michele Bilyeu said...

We buy 50 lb birdseed, too! Isn't it the most amazing delight to watch the little ones foraging away! I have suet blocks, a birdseed bell, and several sunflower canisters hanging. We look like bird slum landlords but our tenants love us so much they invited friends over for dinner, too! Now, if the squirrel family would stop doing their acrobatics and hanging upside down from the rooftops and eating it all....

Rian said...

So happy to "hear" your spirits are up. I thought about you when we saw the news about the blizzard. Interesting to hear your perspective--I would not have thought of thunder and lightning with snow either. Weird weather all around the globe this year.

Janet said...

I wondered if you had some snow! I saw it on the news and it looked like you were right in the midst of it.

You're such a sweetie to feed the birds. I'm sure they appreciate it especially in all that snow.

And I'm drooling over the bacon, potato, spinach chowder (I'd leave out the bacon!)....I love soup in the winter and make it often. I'm going to try adding some spinach to my potato soup the next time.

Debra Spincic said...

Now you will have to consider some winter months down south and avoid that nasty snow!

Chris said...

Hello Dee, I just found you in blogland. I read of your news with sadness, I send my sympathy to you, but you will get through it, I will be thinking about you. Netflix suggestions for you - I just recovered from a little surgery, and watching my daughter's entire West Wing got me through many hours! Also good to watch while sewing. Also, my kids got me this netflix thing so you can stream directly to the tv, and not have wait for the next disc to arrive in the mail. It is pretty cool. Peace, Chris