Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Whimsy Baby!

Since it's doing that thing with white stuff falling again...sigh...I just wanted to update you all and show the "Whimsy" fabric I found locally. I really didn't expect my local shop to have any of this stuff left. That's what I get for making stupid assumptions without fact checking. I got some yardage and another jelly roll and began making these fun blocks for a postage stamp look. This fabric is so pretty and the colors are very springy. That's very important right now because yesterday I awoke to 8 degrees. What the hell kind of temperature is 8?

In other news and possibly along the lines of a minor miracle, I got myself zipped into a pair of my jeans today. I know...who could have thought it? Not me since I have been the very picture of self medication through junk food lately. Combine that with being stuck up here on this icy hill and that should, by all rights, make for an even fluffier Dee. Maybe there is some universal kindness at work here that couldn't bear seeing me cry any more than I have been already. Seriously, I can breathe too...double sigh. The crud that attacked me last week is almost gone. Thank goodness. I was coughing so hard my sides hurt. Combine that with missing out on a visit from the kids and the ever adorable Lucy coming to dinner on Saturday and you have one grump Dee.

That was then and the "Whimsy" find has put a smile on my face now so all is as well as can be expected. I do need to get to the bank and out for a haircut soon. Actually a haircut and some color. My roots are taking over and not in a very pretty way. More like in a gray way...ugh.

OK peoples I'm going back to the machine and not coming up for air until I have nine of these big blocks for a baby quilt. After that it's back to the crosses I was making last week and a smaller version of the psotage stamp for me, me, me. That's my story. Hope you are all having a good week. Back soon.


Kay said...

So glad you're feeling better. The weather is bad enough without sickness too.

Both those quilts are going to be darling!

Janet said...

Snow and 8ยบ!! Yikes! No wonder you're staying inside. At least you have something beautiful to show for it....I love the quilt blocks you're working on.

I'm glad you're feeling better, and who wouldn't be happy to get into their favorite jeans. Yea you!!

Libby said...

We had a couple more inches of fluffy stuff today, too - better that than the sub-zero temps of yesterday. Honestly, who thought that was a good idea? Bracing for another big drop of snow beginning late tomorrow afternoon. Thankfully all shoveled out again, so we'll start from bare pavement.
So glad to hear that you are feeling better and a hearty *woo hoo* on the jeans. That's always such a happy moment. Keep cozy.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Oh, Dee...love your quilting!!!! It's all so colorful and cheerful..just what we all need right now...especially with snow and rain and wind and gloom. And even better you zipped yourself into a pair of jeans!!!!!! Go, Dee, go!!! You are doing this, woman!

Gerrie said...

Sending you big warm hugs! Congrats on the jeans zipping - woo hoo.

Del said...

Nothing to do? Grow a flower garden.

Theresa said...

Funny how your hair changes while under the influence of a little box of hair color. Mine gets grey if I don't keep coloring it, too. Makes me feel so much younger to see me with the 6G influence.
Love the colors you chose for the baby quilt. Give that kid something colorful and interesting to look at - it's about all they can do at first.

Debra Spincic said...

Some seriously cheerful therapy sewing! Way to Go!