Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Hibernation ...grumble

I believe that I have a full load in my pick-up now. No mas.....kay?
James came and plowed us out the other day and thought it would be funny to level off the pile of snow in my car. Plenty of traction now even without 4-wheel drive engaged.
I worked a little more on the crosses but I am unhappy with the fabric used to surround them. It's flimsy and not in a good way. I think I will find something nicer and start over. What the hell else do I have to do anyway. Well, I could spend the day staring at the ice dam in the roof over on Bob's side of the house. It's making a lovely pattern in the ceiling tile that looks a lot like the map of Texas. That is if Texas were growing into a much larger state. Seeing $$$$ there as well as having to re-paint his living room since some little trickles are finding a path down the wall on that corner of the house. I guess that's what happens in a house that was built in 1940. The problem is that it's not getting warm enough for the snow and ice to cascade off the roof and it's just lying there all heavy and wet. Old house=weak pressure points and seams. Like I said..$$$ ahead for Bob. Right now you can't even get a ladder up there to find out what's up since there are many layers of ice built up in front of that part of the house. We'll see how long it takes to get this job done. Since he is going to the Caribbean in a week something tells me that it will be a fine day in spring before we address this issue. Praise the Lord, my house is on the sunny side and nice and tight-also much newer.
The other picture up there is the view out my kitchen window looking at my neighbors across the way. All that land used to be an apple orchard. There are a couple of trees life but they are in sad shape. Up to the left is a huge manor house with an attached greenhouse that once belonged to a family that owned the orchard back to the 1700s. It then belonged to friends of ours for many years. He was an orthodontist by trade and a woodworking genius by nature. The whole house is lined with fabulous cherry bookcases and wonderful woodwork of all types. You would think you landed in England and were visiting the country squire for a little fox hunt. It now belongs to another orthodontist and while they use the greenhouse and have a fabulous vegetable garden across this view I am showing, they never did much to save the trees. I can remember the scent of apple blossoms that was so intoxicating in spring. Just opening the windows and inhaling made you sigh with pleasure. When the snow is gone, there are many raised beds for vegetables and flowers all across this piece of land now. I know they are a large Italian family but I can't imagine how they can use all of it in one season and I have met the Mrs., a very wealthy Italian woman in designer clothing and finely manicured hands who speaks little English even after 20 years here. Somehow I can't imagine her getting sweated up in the making of Sunday gravy. They have a staff for that I'm pretty sure-I see them out there keeping those beds perfectly manicured just like Mrs. T's hands. Nice folks though. I see them now and again walking their basset hound Alice. Alice will occasionally escape and wander over to our hillside and, not being the smartest kid in class, forget how to get home. Love old Alice.
Speaking of doggy wonders, Miss Lucy was taken to be spayed yesterday. We made a big fuss over her on Sunday knowing what an icky day Monday would be for her. She's home now and a little doped up but that's probably for the best since she needs to be careful of the sutures. Keeping Lucy quiet for 5 days is a challenge that my Daughter-in-law, Dani, will have to do this week. I can't really get out of here to go and help much with this ice and snow. Lucy is probably better off without an audience anyway.
Well, I guess I'll go back and look for some nicer fabric for the crosses. This is when I really appreciate having the stash. Stay warm and try to avoid the germs floating around. Something with alcohol will help with that!! Cocktails anyone?


Janet said...

I can't believe the weather you're having back there. It's just one storm after another. You must be sick of snow by now.

I hope you had success raiding your stash. And a cocktail sounds good right about now. Cheers!!!

Gerrie said...

thanks for the peek over your back fence! LOL

Sorry about the lousy weather you are having. This, too, shall end - hopefully, sooner than later. I am glad your sense of humor is intact.

Melody Johnson said...

Now that I have 'discovered' spray starch, I am thinking that those blocks might sit up and behave with a good spritz. Save them for a pillow to match the 'good' fabric you will soon find.

Libby said...

Oh the snow - it just keeps coming here, too. While I still love it, I'm starting to wonder where in the heck are we going to put it all. There is a stop sign across the street that is about to disappear. I wonder how many others are gone . . . . that I don't know about *yikes* Keeps me close to home for sure!

Gypsy Quilter said...

Wowsers, just a bit of snow there, so I hope you don't have to drive anywhere. Luckily, they should have it plowed fairly quickly, unlike my neck of the woods. May I make a suggestion regarding the crosses? Instead of surrounded by white, perhaps a thin frame of color around each one would set them off nicely, say 1-1/2". Connected by a slightly wider sashing strips of white. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

LuAnn said...

We just had an ice storm here. I've been in since Monday, and tomorrow we are going out to chip the build up out from in front of the garage doors so we can put sand on the sloped part to get some traction. On Monday I bought bread, milk and wine for the storm:-p Love your crosses blocks.

Christine Thresh said...

What's snow?

Christine from California