Monday, April 25, 2011

Busy days and tasteless food

I was hoping to get back to sewing today but there are a number of important things on my plate today and tomorrow. I'm in the midst of transferring investments over to me and setting up new accounts. Among other things I have to go and open a new account and get papers signed that allow transfers from retirement accounts to be made to me. All very important stuff but I would rather play with fabric. Maybe later in the week. Tomorrow I have my check-up at the Dr. The one where he yells at me for not taking better care of myself these past months. Rats!

We had a quiet day yesterday. The kids came in the morning for brunch and I made scones, scrambled eggs and some sausage. Not sure how this widow thing is supposed to go but I found myself not even wanting to cook and not at all enjoying the results. It put me in mind of that movie, Eat, Drink, Man, Woman. The chef's wife passes away and he looses his sense of taste and desire to cook. That's how I'm feeling lately. I've always been a really good cook and it seems to be another thing(like creating) that I have lost my mojo for. The scones are a favorite around here and even friends have asked for them to be made. Yesterday they tasted weird to me. No flavor, not good at all. Everyone said they enjoyed them and they were all eaten but to me they had no flavor and I would have never recognized them as mine. Really hope this phase passes. Heck, I hope it's a phase. In the movie he only gets his mojo back with romance...not happening here.

The weather here has predictably turned from early spring to summer in two days. I need to scoot to Best Buy and get a new air conditioner for my bedroom. The one we have there is alright but it has some glitch in the electronics and will suddenly stop working from time to time. Also, I want to buy one that makes less noise if that's possible. Some of the ones we have had are so loud you can't hear the TV or hear yourself think above the noise. Recommendations??

Well, for now I must be off to the bank and try to keep my eyes from crossing while listening to the whys and wherefores of banking stuff.

Talk to you soon.


Terri said...

There have been times in my life where my comfort came from "This too shall pass". You will get through this. Taking care of yourself might help, actually, put you in a better frame of mind.
Our "thoughts" are with you.

Terry said...

I am certain your zest for life and food and sewing will return in time, but time is what is needed. Hang in there...

Debra Spincic said...

The advantage to food not tasting good is that you don't eat it and then you lose weight. That's my story!

Joanne S said...

The things in your life that are part of the "Dee & Roger" experience (and I get the feeling you both enjoyed cooking) will be difficult for you to enjoy alone. Maybe the scones will taste better next Easter.

Listen to the doctor.

I want one of those slim AC units that is about 8 inches tall and fits across the bottom of the bedroom window. I think they are super quiet also. New stuff is always quiet.

The people working at my dad's bank were very nice. and I put off going as long as I could and in 90 minutes it was all over and done and not painful at all. Hope your experience is good.

Del said...

Been there, done that. And you will say those words one of these days. Eventually taste returned although I still can't eat Chinese - it is waaay too salty. I depend on veggies, fruits, fish and dessert - oops! How did that get in there? It is hard, and no fun, to cook for one and in twenty years I have forgotten a lot of the basics needed to prepare dinner for several or a crowd.
The financial stuff can be a pain. I recommend talking to several independent financial advisors and getting recommendations from anyone you can think of. Just don't choose someone who is selling something - bonds, real estate, etc.. They have a vested interest in selling what makes them a profit. I pay my guy a percentage of my total investment and he has done very well for me. I am rather tight with money, so he is also. I know things will get better for you, "time DOESN'T heal all wounds", but its passing eventually makes the wounds less painful.

Janet said...

I agree with what the others have said takes time. The grieving process is different for each person. I'm sure your taste for things will return but in the meantime just concentrate on yourself. Eat food that is good for you, do things that make you feel good, and just give yourself time. You've had a major blow to your life and now you have to decide where you want to go from here. Time won't make it all better but it will soften it.

Christine Thresh said...

This widow thing is not a straight line. I'm a year ahead of you on the path.
I had not cooked in 30 years and did not want to cook. He did it all. Now I cook. And I cook delicious stuff. It is amazing. You just never know.
My financial advisor said, "Get a job." My income now is very low.
You might check into Haier window air conditioners. Mine doesn't seem too lound.