Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This & That with a Weiner

Here's something pretty to look at while I discuss something icky. Lets chat about "The Weiner". First, let me assure you that he is not my congressman. He works his magical charm far off to the west near NYCity. Actually it's Queens. Whatever the scene of his horrible behavior it comes as no surprise to me at all. He was and remains a despicable human being but then look who he has for company. At least Barney Frank doesn't have the cojones to defend him although he is being defended by Charles Wrangle. Who better to be a big defender of sub-human behavior than good old Charlie. If Charlie is the arbiter of decency we're are so far up that proverbial creek that it's past the point of the paddle helping. Just hold your nose and pray for shore. Weiner has been a cry baby irritant for a long time. Whenever they need someone to throw a hissy fit and act like a bad child..Weiner's your guy. He, of course held himself up as another arbiter of social conscience, decency and civic pride. No one likes him and now we're not sure his lovely wife does either. The rats he serves with have all deserted him and are busy distancing themselves from his aberrant behavior. Even, Chuck"the schmuck" Schumer has cast him off and that was his only pal. Schumer used him as an attack dog and now he's done with him. The Weiner is roasted....sorry couldn't resist. This afternoon I saw a news report that showed his wife entering the garage to their apartment. To be a fly on that wall for an hour...whew. He makes me want to take a shower just looking at a newscast with him in it. Enough of him. The highlight of the past two weeks has been the headlines in the NY Post. They are too funny for words and I blatantly stole the Weiner roasted from them.

On the immigration front and 180 degrees away from Weiner is my friend Linda and her husband. Linda and I go back to 5th grade. Her parents owned what was once one of the only liquor stores in the area back in the early 50s-60s. We remained friends and although we don't see each other that often, she is my oldest friend and still so dear to me. Her husband is a wonderful guy who is pretty high up in political circles around here and she put him on the trail of an immigration lawyer for me. Today, I got a call from the lawyer. He said, jokingly, that when he got a call from Linda's husband early this morning he was a little worried that he had done something wrong. We had a laugh over that and he asked me to tell some of the basics of the story. He is going to see me on Sunday in his office at 10 am!! I don't know what I will do to thank my friends but I'll come up with something. I feel so much better just knowing that someone is on the case and he apparently told Linda's husband that he would take good care of me. Thanks Goodness for friends in high places. I am blessed.

I worked on a baby quilt with some of the Whimsy fabric by Joanna Figueroa today. I have two baby quilts to turn out in the near future and at least one is nearly a top.

Tomorrow I will go back to work for the Food Pantry in my former position. I've been helping but not doing my old job. The final meeting of the season is tomorrow at 9 am and they asked me to come back. Nice to be wanted even if it is because they can't find a bigger sucker than me. Seriously, I do miss many of the people at the Ecumenical Council. Don't miss those 9 am meetings though. I'm still plodding along in my jammies at that time. Must set alarm for tomorrow. I don't have to go far though, just up to one of the Presbyterian Churches that is holding tomorrow's meeting.

I'll get some shots of the quilt blocks or top tomorrow. Back soon with more news.


Gerrie said...

I am so relieved to hear that you have someone reliable in your corner. Can't wait until this is resolved!


Debra Spincic said...

I have to agree with Gerrie. I just about fainted when I read the problems you had and I am sure you only touched on the tip of the iceberg.
And your friend with vine, I hope she is suing her neighbor. The nerve.

Libby said...

Yeah for help! I'm so happy to hear this news . . . as I am sure you are, too.
Also good to hear you are returning to the Food Bank. I bet it will feel good to get back into a routine that is familiar and comfortable.

rianammerman said...

I was out of the country when you first wrote about this tangled mess. Wow! I sure hope this lawyer can get things worked out for you and you can stop having those terrible nightmares. Hangeth in there, my friend!!

Joanne S said...

Good News!!! It's all about karma. You have good Karma all around you, dear Dee.

The Food Pantry is a good place to be right now. Hey, if they can't find anyone else to do the job--why not make some needed changes this time. Was there anything you wanted to fix last time you worked there?

Terri said...

You need to stop listening to the news. They are only there to report the ugly and nasty side of life. We don't watch anymore. Just sucks the life out of you. Find some funny to watch instead. Just think of it this way, we were created and lived a vast amount of our human life without the super fast world wide report. We are just not meant to take all that horror.

Terry said...

You skewered that roasted Wiener! (I can never resist a Wiener joke)

Blessings on your friends who connected you with the lawyer. Joanne is right about karma--the good you give out will come back to you. I believe that. I want to know how this all turns out.

Tee hee--my word verification word is "sucks"