Sunday, October 23, 2011


The days are really golden around here right now. We have a lot of color in some areas but, amazingly, there are some trees that are still only tinged with color and for the most part still green. A few rainy days will take care of that.

We went on a little visit to North Carolina to check up on the old folk. Aunt Mattie and Uncle Don are in their mid nineties and now in assisted living. Mattie is still very sharp but Don is failing a bit. I'll take 95 if it could be on those terms. Mattie got a kick out of my Kindle and she learned some games on cousin Susan's I-phone. That woman is pretty sharp. She enjoyed playing solitaire. We visited them several times and did a lot of lunches and dinners at some great places around Davidson/Mooresville. Davidson is a college town about 20 miles outside Charlotte -Mattie and Don live in the retirement village there. It's quite the place for that kind of thing. They had a cottage on the property for many years and then, due to illness they had to move to the assisted living facility. Anyway, being a college town, there are many really nice places to shop in and eat in. We picked a place called Toast and had a great brunch one day. The food was very good and we ate on the lovely patio outside. Very nice.

Our flights were uneventful which is all you can really ask for these days. I have been catching up with the laundry and a bit of housekeeping and now I can return to the @$!%*# baby quilt that never ends. One down and one more to go. Our niece is having another baby in December so another, hopefully much quicker, baby quilt is on the way.

Dani is nearly finished with this semester of school and her schedule for the next is mostly in the evening so I will not have Thursdays with Lucy. I will miss our crazy days together but probably get more accomplished since I am so easily distracted by the cuteness.

Well, off to make some chicken soup(it's very chilly here) and back to the machine to finish that quilt.

Hope to have something to show soon. Talk to you tomorrow.


Terri said...

Oh, I can't wait to be making chicken soup! It is still in the 70s and 80s here. Our kitchen is going to be ripped up due to a mold problem. I hate stuff like that, but it shouldn't cost us anything since AAA ins. is doing it all.

Gerrie said...

Your fall is like ours - taking it's time! Nice that you had a good visit with the relatives.

Libby said...

Sounds like a great trip. Hubby and I love college towns - they are youthful, vibrant, and offer a lot of diversity in foods as well as entertainment.
I have to say that I am not missing fall one little bit ;-) Plenty of things to be enjoyed outdoors without raking *woo hoo*