Sunday, January 15, 2012


Me and the boys want to fill you in on the latest.....Aren't these the best looking pair? Let's face it-Corgis have taken over my life and heart.

I thought that since I have no sewing to show for myself maybe the boys would make up for it. I found them on Google and since I am mentally 12, this is the best I can do to razzle dazzle you with stuff so you won't notice how the name of the blog is soooo not what's going on.

Rumor has it that Lucy made off with a hot blueberry muffin last night. I hear that she swallowed it whole and then realized that it was still pretty hot. Much water was scarfed but Lucy says that food filched from people always tasted best-even hot.

We had a meeting with our architect to finalize some design ideas followed the next day by a measuring session where they went from roof to basement and all around. Measuring for the final drawings to take to the Town for approval. It's a bit of a crap shoot as to how things will be received and how long it will take to get permits. Meanwhile, we have to audition some contractors that have been recommended by various people. Fingers crossed, we can begin construction in spring. Essentially, the entire older portion of the house, my in laws original house before we added on ours, will be torn up and re-constructed. I figure on a lot of noise, a lot of dust, and a lot of patience needed by all of us. Hmmm. Noise cancelling headphones may be the way to go for me. One of the really good things is that we will be getting a large dumpster and that means that I can go into the attic and get rid of things from 1990. How very easy it is to close that door and go on with life. Ugh, wnat a lot of junk up there.

In the meantime we are planning a big trip to a wedding in late spring. Our niece is getting married Memorial Day weekend and my BIL Bob has spent a long time trying to get the best flights and reservations. The whole famdamly is going so there is much to co-ordinate. We have a friend who is consruction savvy and will take the reigns while we are gone. It often seems like nothing happens for years and then all of a sudden you have two very important things at once. Like tv, there's nothing on for two months and then one night every darn thing is on at 9pm on Sunday. I have no tech skills so even though I hear rumors that I have a tivo-like service on our cable, I haven't figured it out yet. That leaves me with The Good Wife and Downton Abbey to sort out. I'm a big fan of Good Wife but just now I am reading about Lady Almina Carnarvon who is the basis for the wife in Downton Abbey. It's a really fun book to read and taken from hstorical documentaion by the current Countess of Highclere. Highclere is the castle where Downton is being filmed. There are chapters on the upstairs and the downstairs. Fun reading for me anyway. Unless you are a history buff you might find it all boring. I am also reading Moveable Feast, it's a compilation of stories by famous writers in various countries and their memories of meals in those places. Great stories, I highly recommend it. Anthony Bourdain does the forward.

I'm not sure if it's a good thing but we have yet to have the white stuff falling outside. Don't want to say the word for fear of jinxing it. It did turn bitter cold in the last day though. Bright and sunny for now so ....whew.

I better attend to some laundry and think about dinner-or maybe I'll just go get the Kindle Fire and read some more about Lady Almina. Oh! I almost forgot. I finally read a book I have had forever and it just got lost in the shuffle. I'm a big fan of Alice Hoffman and The Red Garden is wonderful. It is written in her special style. All the stories a about a town in the Berkshires from it's inception to the present. The stories are rally wonderful, sort of magical, and every bit Alice Hoffman. If you have read Practical Magic or Blackberry House you will remember the way she writes. Her characters are often imbued with some type of magical powers or abilities to survive terrible things. She makes the people jump of the page. There are not a lot of true storytellers left in the literary world but Alice is one of the best. Magical realism

Talk soon.


Gerrie said...

When are you going to get your own Corgi to keep Lucy company. Nice to know the plans are moving along for the family compound. It should be very exciting. We are getting a dusting of the white stuff this morning, but not enough to warrant the hyperbole from the local tv stations.

Debra Spincic said...

I thought those were real until you said Google!

I know the feeling--I can go days or weeks with tons of the same ole same ole & then, Bam! everything changes.

Your construction project sounds exciting. I'm sure it will be a pain some days but it is change for the better.

Lovely story about your sushi friend too. People are put into our worlds for so many wonderful reasons.

Michele Bilyeu said...

Those spiffy boys are adorable. Get one of those, like the others are recommending, and you could end up with furgrands and even more to watch besides The Goodwife and Downtown. Love those shows. I belong to the 10% of Americans who don't have cable..actually, never have. I use a VCR to tape one and watch the other. Works for me though finding blank vcr tapes is always an eyebrow raiser in the electronics dept. Those dinosaurs? They ask. Like me? I reply ;)

Libby said...

I think you need a pooch to call your very own *s*
It is going to be so fun to see all the changes you make in your home - just remember to remain flexible. . . it will save your nerves.

Jen said...

Hope all goes well with the construction project. Patience will be essential. That and keeping the vision of where you will end up.
Love Alice Hoffman.