Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stick in the mud

120719_09  120716_07 

Above is a shot of what used to be a small patio outside my kitchen/living room door. I didn’t bother to even try to care for anything growing out there since I knew it would most likely get covered with dirt and eventually torn down. It turns out that morning glories thrive on neglect. The new covered porch will be out there-running from James and Dani’s to my door. It’s going to be big and beautiful. Can’t wait.

Because of the logistics of getting trucks up this driveway from hell, the big entertainment has been watching some fabulous drivers coming up backwards no less. Whew! These guys can drive. Yesterday a small accident left part of a sewer pipe with issues and we had to get someone up last evening to pump the tank. Needed to be done anyway but it was raining like crazy and with all the mud out there it was even less fun than you can imagine. All is well now….fingers crossed.  The really big piles of dirt and sand next to the little porch are from the dig out of the new dry well which the village now requires to avoid run off reaching the street. Can’t see it myself but that’s what they want. Along with a list of a million other annoying rules

As you can see, our nice driveway is totaled and will have to be re-done but most likely not till next spring. Oh! the mud brings back memories of the old dirt driveway…not happy ones I might add. There will be no point in getting new floors in my house until that’s done. The sand and gravel and mud in winter and spring thaw is more than you can imagine. Haven’t been out of the house for a few days since the big machines and wet piles of mud are the new pathway out of here.  Wish I had bought a pair of wellies. Hope to get out later since food supplies are getting low and I have a huge sushi Jones. Once the well gets finished maybe there will be a path I can venture out on without sinking to my ankles. Wish me luck!!




Rian said...

Oh, but it will be so worth it all in the end.

Gerrie said...

This is such an amazing and huge project. Are we having fun yet?

Libby said...

An exciting adventure! Keep the good humor.

hira salman said...

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