Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Actual quiltmaking…say what??

120801_01_01 I’m sure that you are as tired of looking at dirt pics as I am of only having them to show so I finally got around to taking shots of the two things I have worked on this past 10 days or so.

I was so enthused with the Granny Square blocks that some people have shown on their blogs that I thought I would get into the game with my favorite “Breath of Avignon”. I cracked open a new jelly roll of it and made some Grannies.  I’m so enjoying this block and how easy it is as well as how complicated it looks that I’m going to do some more for a larger version. There were a few kinks and first time blunders but they came out looking pretty anyway and now that I have the hang of it there will be more. For me the trick was to make the outside light pieces a little larger so you can trim them up at the end.

120801_03_01 The other little quilted piece is a gift for a friends birthday. I quilted it by machine with the walking foot and I think it came out nice. It’s very small-just a little table topper size.

Now for the construction pics. Today they took down the chimney on the old part of the house so that they can eventually take out the whole side of the old house and begin framing the new part. These guys are so fantastic it was such fun to watch them work. Nice guys too. Here’s a shot of the old chimney coming down.120801_05 What a noise it made!

Back soon with more.


Gerrie said...

Love the quilt. Looks like a traditional block that I could do!! Hurrah for the house progress!

Debra Spincic said...

Say what? the granny squares idea is a very cool one. Everything that's old is new again! Clever to interpret in fabric.

Janet said...

You always come up with such interesting patterns. I especially like this one. The second picture is my the bright colors.

So you had a little bit of noise, huh! That must have been something to watch. It looks like the guy knew what he was doing...and that's a good thing!