Saturday, September 08, 2012

Super Beeeezzz


As you can see, the magical super beeezz have been at it again.  It kind of reminds us of a children's story where Rumpelstilskin works through the night changing everything to gold by morning. Friends say that every time they drive by the place looks so different. Really amazing crew. Once I took a nap and when I woke half the framing of the new house was up. Crazy what 6-7 guys with saws and lumber can do in an afternoon.

We are into the doldrums right now though. They are trying to get everything shored up and tight so that the electric and plumbing can begin next week. See that huge pile of dirt that is dug out in the back? They begin to build a new terraced wall back there next week as well. That will be really great for us since we’re really tired of looking at a dirt pile. The crew needed that space to stage all the supplies for building and now it’s almost done. The wall will face the deck and BIL Bob has his cigar out there in the evening. He’s really enjoying the deck-even partially finished. That’s what’s happening today. In the meantime, I developed an allergy we suspect is from the old insulation being ripped out in the middle section of the house. My face broke out in hives and I’ve been living on Benadryl. That stuff works so well but it sure makes you want to sleep all the time. Consequentially nothing much interesting is happening in the sewing department. I’m most likely dangerous behind the wheel of any machine right now. I am working on a white on white Welsh wall hanging that I started 8(really!!) years ago. I have tried to photograph it numerous times but it just doesn’t come out right. Just a white blob. I will try to find a photo of one for purchase on line and show you next time.


I’ve been watching movies and TV series on Amazon Prime. I can sit at the computer and stitch while enjoying.  I bought the final season of “Damages”. Glenn Close is fantastic. Also got the final season of “In Plain Sight”. My heart is broken that both these series are no longer  running. Such great shows.  For sheer, lovely, scenery, costumes and great actors and I watched “The Forsyte Saga”. It was on PBS years ago and I think there is a newer version but for my money there’s no better acting than the original. I do love those period pieces so much.

Off to take a shower and get dressed. The kids are coming with Lucy later. Dinner together. Makes my day!!120907_01_01


Gerrie said...

Wow! Great progress. I wondered how things were because I thought maybe you got a lot of rain this past week. I am so sensitive to stuff - I can relate to the allergy problem. It will be nice when every thing is new and dust and dirt pile freee.

Janet said...

Sorry to hear about the allergies/hives...that can't be fun but at least you're watching some good stuff. I love "Damages" and HB and I are in the process of watching "In Plain Sight"...and "The Forsythe Saga" was one of my favorites.

Libby said...

Wow! Looks great. Give Lucy a snuggle from Larkin and me *s*