Monday, October 30, 2006

Dumb and Dumberer

OMG I can't believe how stupid this lack of knowledge about computer-related stuff makes one feel. I'm married to a verrrry smart man and my son is a computer nut who was going to make his living with computers and as for me....well, lets just say I'm challenged. Smart cookie in many other ways but when I come up against the mighty computer gods, I shrink in horror and quake in my high heeled sneakers. I know that much of it has to do with the generation and age but up till now I haven't really cared too much. Now I would like to get into the writing and blogging and picture up-loading. One day at a time(or week, or month) Today there are a number of semi-important things I must do(cleaning,cooking,laundry,ugh) in order to get to the good stuff(blogging and sewing) SO for a little while, I'll take a suggestion from Debra Spincic(really talented lady) and just write a few posts to get the thing going. Maybe a meme or two to introduce the uniqueness of me(heh) to anyone who might be interested. I hope I don't scare anyone away. I'm a fairly honest spoken woman and I'm usually not afraid to state my opinions-that doesn't please some people but I think life is too short to beat around the bush too much...and after's my blog and welcome to it! I'm a woman of nearly 60(gad that hurt) who is passionate about books, tea, old movies, quilting-sewing-needlework, and my super family and friends. I really hate housework because lets face it at my age I've been doing it for eons and it still looks the same every morning. I live in a very big , very old house that is a rabbit warren of rooms that really need the have the walls torn out of to make larger spaces that people could live in(whew-that felt good)but there are the usual financial constraints and so we cram ourselves into teeny tiny spaces and live in an eternal jumble of stuff. I spend some of my time helping to run a food pantry in our village. It's not a place to get a cooked meal but simply a Pantry with canned goods and a freezer with some stuff that the local food establishments are good enough to donate. We have a number of excellent bakeries and restaurants and such who bring day old good like bagels ,bread, food left over from civic functions and such. Most of our clients are retired people who need to make ends meet, disabled vets from the local VA and single Moms, some with disabled kids. The Moms often have to choose between rent and food to pay for the cost of an Autistic child. There is almost nothing sadder than that. They come in and cry and visit and sometimes I think it is less for the food than for an adult human voice and some compassion. Anyway that's where I'm headed now and so I'll just leave todays post off here. I hope you enjoy reading and I look forward to any comments that friends care to leave. Thanks for the chance to chat....

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Deb R said...

Dee, I can't believe you started this thing more than a month ago and only just now told me about it. YAY you for starting a blog!!! :-)

About the anon comment you left on's so funny because when I read it I thought it sounded like you, but usually when you leave a comment it says "dee" so I thought, hhhmm...well, it must just be someone who kind of sounds like here then. I think this blogger switchover where half of us are on the old blogger and half on Beta have messed up comment functions for loads of people!