Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Two posts in one day-I'm really not getting anything done. Thanks to my friend Deb(Red Shoe Rambling) for the nice comment. Happy Halloween to everyone who cares. I do love seeing the kids in their costumes. My son and I used to dress up(yes, I did too) and walk the neighborhood. Then we would fight over the candy(Hee) Until he figured out that taking the candy into his room over night would mean having some the next day. I really developed a sweet tooth. Funny thing about that is that before I got married and had a kid I never ever ate candy. All my life I've been a meat and potatoes person. Growing up in a German household with my grandmother, who put gravy on everything that didn't move really had a profound effect on me. A profound and enlarging effect. As soon as I left home I lost poundage really fast. Then I went to weight watchers and lost about 55 pounds. Since I was in the cosmetic business I had to look good and stay that way-so for many years I was hungry-really really hungry. I have since lost that hunger and need desperately to return to WW. We live way up here on this hill and most children are too lazy to climb up here for candy or anything else so we rarely get anyone on Halloween. I can count on one hand the number of kids in the last five years. In fact, we get so excited and surprised that we probably scare them when they do jumping around yelling "Hey come look at the trick or treater" they probably have our house pegged as the one where the crazy people live. My point being-I don't need to buy candy-every year I do anyway-every year I eat the stuff myself-every year I gain more weight and every year I say I won't do it again...excuse me while I unwrap this Snickers mini. Hopeless!!!

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