Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm back-and with loot to boot.


I have returned from the wilds of North Carolina. Big Laugh...since the place we stayed in was very posh and had great maid service up the wazoo!!Perhaps posh is the wrong word-it was very new, sparkling,nicely furnished and decorated. It was a really nice apartment rather than a motel room. If you ever have the opportunity to stay in a Marriot Residence Inn-take it. It cost a bundle but it's worth every penny. We had a suite with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, a livingroom & kitchen. That meant that James had his own bath and could come and go in his 22-year-old life without waking us & having to troop through the bedroom to our bath. It's a small thing for some but speaking for all us light sleepers-it really rocked.

I wanted to show you the cool things I got from two of my cyber friends before I left. The wonderful ATC, and card it came in, from Janet-who clearly has the post card thing down pat and is running with it.Thank you so much Janet. The fabric is from the wonderful & generous Rian-who was thoughtful enough to send me a group of beautiful Asian fabric she was not using. With everything going on in her life she took the time to mail this to me. I'm so fortunate to be among this great group of women. Thank You Rian, and I'm so happy that Jim is doing well.

The 90th birthday party for Aunt Mattie was very nice. There was yummy cake and punch at the church in the afternoon for over a hundred and dinner at a restaurant in the evening for just the 25 or so immediate family. Better than all of that was dinner at Big Daddy's the night before. Lets just say I finally had my fill of hushpuppies- for a while at least, I'm not going to think about the cholesterol intake today-I'll worry about that tomorrow, Sincerely, Scarlett. It pleased my son no end since he's a huge car and racing buff. Big Daddy's had race cars on the roof and when we got ther they had all sorts of racing paraphernalia in the parking lot and of course inside. Charlotte Motor Speedway is around the corner and so James was in heaven.
Aunt Mattie & Uncle Don were so happy that we all made it from all over the place. My BIL Richard, SIL Diane, and the Best& Prettiest Niece in the World, Michelle, came from Richland WA. This was no small feat(heh) for Michelle who broke her foot in a fall a couple of days before. The Cousins Susan, Dottie, and Nancy, came from Ormond & New Smyrna Beach Fla. We came from L.I. NY and there were Mattie's nieces from Tennessee and somewhere else I'm sorry to say I can't remember. Really nice. Don's son Carl and his wonderful new wife, Gayle, were there. Gayle is really fun. I could spend a bunch of time with her any day. I managed to find a really great Quilt shop in Mooresville called The Quilter's Loft. It's on main street,around the back and upstairs, in a historic building. I wish we had made a road trip and not flown- I had to curb my enthusiasm for everything in the store because I only had so much room. I did manage to scam the few things in the picture below. If you're in the area-don't miss it. It's a great place. It used to be a dentist office and all the rooms are decked out with different themes. Very Cool.
The weather was awful and cold but the family was warm and welcoming. We had a good time except for the return to the airport and turning in the rental car. There was some damage to the rear and we know we didn't do it but that's a problem for the insurance company to figure out. Our flight back was very fast and spacious. An hour and ten min. and the flight was far from full so we could stretch out.
I'll have more pics tomorrow along with a WIP for WED. It's good to be home but I can't seem to find the maid and the complimentary danish weren't on the table this morning????? What's up with that?????


Scrapmaker said...

Welcome home! Looks like you found some great fabric goodies and brought home some nice memories. Jen

Jane Ann said...

Now, honey, how we gonna enjoy Big Daddy's and the Residence Inn if you don't tell us WHERE in North Carolina they are? Shoot, you were probably just up the road a piece from me!

Glad you're back on board and with goodies to show too!

Janet said...

I'm glad your trip was a success. And you found a quilt shop and goodies to buy! Those are some beautiful fabrics. I'm glad you like the card and ATC I sent. They seem to fit right in with your Asian fabrics.
Good to have you back.

Rian said...

Welcome back, missed ya!

Gerrie said...

I heard a southern drawl in that post. Mmmm hush puppies - I miss them. Last week I had bbq pork sandwihes with cole slaw twice last week - once at a restaurant and once at home. The NC kind of vinegary bbq sauce.

Did you see the doppelganger plant on my blog?

dee said...

Thanks for the nice welcome home Ladies...
Jane Ann-the Residence Inn is about 20 min. from Charlotte airport and appears to be quite new so I don't vouch for all of them but for $200 bucks a night it should be sparkling-No?? Big Daddy's is in Mooresville-1162 River Hwy-you can google it. It's worth a trip from anywhere if you're looking for the best hushpuppies and fried shrimp EVER!
I wish I'd had more time..we could have perused the quilt shops together-with a side of lunch