Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Lookee what I found ..y'all...ancient WIP

This is a cache of strips I did a long time ago. Again, it's one of those that came from the era before the quarter inch foot and so there are many points that do not match. I made it years ago when I first joined the Keepsake Quilting monthly mailing of fat quarters. Back then they didn't have choices like today. You just got a standard few choices. Now I joined the Moda Club. These strips of flying geese are the result of that old standard club- I just made hundreds of flying geese with that fast method that lets you start with a couple of larger squares and wind up with four units. At some point, I just folded up the strips and put them in the closet. Before we left for N.C.-I was in there looking around and I spotted them. I'm a little undecided about what I will do to finish so I think I'll just look at them for a while. It's funny how much your tastes change over the years. I never would put together these fabrics today. Back then I saw this as scrappy. Now it just looks kinda like a "mess o fabric"
I wanted to mention to Jane Ann and others who care-I am always delighted by how much I enjoy it down south. I live in an area where the trees block out the skyline and so when I'm in a place like Charlotte-I'm reminded of how great it is to see the horizon all around you. Charlotte is one of many cities down south that are so pretty it's a pleasure to be there for many reasons. There were beautiful pansies and flowers growing all around-in Jan. That's got to be worth the price of admission alone. I live in a very hilly area so I enjoy the flat expanse of land as well.
Big Daddy's is not the kind of place you want to go if you're into a quiet ,elegant meal. Normally I am. Big Daddy's is GREAT BIG LOUD FUN-with yummy food.You can't be unhappy there and it's a great place to take a large crowd of people. For instance-the following night we went to a "quiet meal" ,upscale type of place. The room was nearly silent,and sterile the food was overcooked banquet fare and it was not fun at all while costing three times as much.
Something strange happens to me when I'm down south though-I think it's a rescessive gene that comes from my Kentucky heritage.I was born in Germany but my Dad was a many-generations Kentuckian. In my life I have spent about 10 days in Kentucky. Once to visit my Dad in Maysville and Augusta before he died, and once to Paducah to see the quilt museum. Given the right moment though-I can easily fall into the "y'all" and "honey,lookachoo" dialect at a moments notice. I find myself thinking in that dialect for days upon returning home. There's also the amazing thing for New Yorkers-really, genuinely, nice, polite ,people...everywhere. I do love me a trip south...I can live without the white Keds and balls on the ankle socks though.....


Debra Spincic said...

Have you dropped by Deb G's blog to see what wonderful stitching she is doing to your quilt?

Janet said...

I had a chuckle about the y'all. My hubby is from West Palm Beach, FL and for a long time he was a radio DJ. He spent a long time getting rid of his southern accent but he still says y'all from time to time. And when he does, then I pick it up, too!! It is a different place down there.

Gerrie said...

During my 6 years in NC, I had to go to California to shop for clothes and I always felt like a fish out of water, so to speak. Those ubiquitous Christmas sweaters were hilarious.

Jane Ann said...

Do somethin' with those geese and send it to Deb Geyer. I hear she works miracles at her house!

Needleroozer said...

I happen to think those geese look great! But I tend to put all sorts of funny colors together.
And about y'all- I live in the NW, and I picked it up from a texan I know, and it really wigs people out to hear me saying it!
Have a great day,