Wednesday, January 03, 2007

WIP Wed ... not & remembering Keiko

I wish I could show you all something more coherent and closer to looking finished but that would be a lie. I have several possibilities churning around and I just wish that it wasn't due on the 12th. Usually, Jan. is a month where I could unwind and do basically not a lot. This year, I have a number of pleasant and a couple of unpleasant things looming. It figures! That's just the way life goes. It goes into the same category of questions such as "why don't I make a Christmas quilt or decorations in July when nothing is going on?"It's just the universe laughing at us when we think things will be smooth sailing. Punishment for hubris? Whatever.
The little doll in the pic is a gift I received from a lovely Japanese girl who worked for the cosmetic company, Shiseido. Many centuries ago, when I was a young woman in the business, I had to arrange for the opening of their cosmetic line in a big department store here. The company sent 4 very young girls who spoke something resembling English to demonstrate their product. They really were so adorable. Keiko was the older of the bunch and probably 19 at the time. They all came dressed in Kimono and accessories, right down to their tabi socks and zori. I was enchanted. When I would drop them at their motel I had to allow extra time because they would bow and I would bow and they would bow and I would bow and...well...that would go on until I had backed out far enough to get in my car and leave. Very amusing and completely enchanting. As a parting thank you to me for the help-Keiko gave me this doll that she made. That was 36 years ago. This little doll normally resides with my Guan Yin and other Asian figurines.Whenever I see it I wonder what became of her. I think she was engaged to a guy from Canada. I was hoping for inspiration seeping through this well-made doll. My mind is cluttered with "have to do" & "should get done" and I'm just not thinking clearly.
The Mary Englebreit card is one I bought a while back and I'm showing it for Janet who also saves ephemera(crap) and makes me smile daily. Thanks Janet! Anyway, she was saying that she woke up thinking in a very positive manner about being creative from this day forward. I felt the same way the night of New Years Day. I thought, "tomorrow I will get up and begin a new and more creative life." I really couldn't wait to go to sleep so I could wake and get going. Life just gets in the way and I am unable to live with total chaos. Controlled chaos...that I can handle. I need to get out the dust cloths and super-sucker(electrolux) and a bit of lemon oil or I can't function. The grocery store is also a must since we are down to crackers and tuna. Lets not even talk about the laundry, O.K.? I need some clothes to wear to N.C. for Aunt Mattie's 90th. Unfortunately, I'm a "do one thing at a time and do it well" person so I'm not thriving in this climate of chaos. The point of this long and winding ramble is that I have nothing good to show for myself yet. I am fairly good in a crunch though so lets hope I can pull my tush out of the fire in the stretch. It could happen! Yeah! it could!!


suzanne said...

I have that Mary Engelbreit painting as a large poster. It's framed, but not hanging at the moment. I need to go hang it up. In our previous house it was hanging and my boys would always ask me to read it to them. I would always try to say it with a slightly different emphasis or intonation. It always made them giggle. Me too. Thanks for reminding me of it!

Jeri said...

That is my very favorite Mary Engelbreit picture! I had it on my wall at work for awhile. I need to find it and bring it back out here!

Janet said...

I loved every part of this post! The little doll is beautiful. Somehow the Japanese just seem to "get" creative. I could just see you bowing and bowing and bowing.
Thanks for showing the ME card. That is one of my favorites. And something I need to hear often! You are so right about life getting in the way of being creative. Happens to me all the time. That's why I left it wide open as to what I would create each day. Some days it will probably be something very small!!

Debra Spincic said...

I have that ME card on my refrigerator!

Funny post (again!)!