Tuesday, January 02, 2007

wrap it up, baby!

I must say, I'm so ready to put it all away. Next year I should give serious thought to how many lights get wound up into the tree since I nearly fell over from going round and round . Had I fallen it wuld have been one of those commercials-"help I've fallen and I can't get up"- only I would have been enrobed in tiny lights as well. While the tree is going up it seems like a good idea to load that sucker up...not so much when you're untwirling all the cords and such. Anyway it's a done deal! What I like best about the un-doing of Christmas is that everything looks so spacious and well...I hesitate to say it...but...neat. you in the back....stop that laughing immediately!
Here is a pic of the little Amish mini I finished for a friend. I have made a number of these and friends hint that they would appreciate having one. My only issue is not with making them but the black fabric. Oh! how hard it is on the eyes. I made aone for the wall in my home and I hand quilted it with black thread. Black on black..OMG I was like one of those little Italian Nuns who go blind from making hand sewn delicates for the rich women. I think I need one of those hilarious head lamps that Dorothy has-I'm not sure even that would help.
We had a really fun time New Years Eve. There were about 16 of us at the restaurant and then we went back to Joe&Jeri's house. There were cream puffs-nuff said! My son had a couple of friends over and they made themselves those puff canapes and had a bottleof champagne and some sparkling cider for the drivers. When we got home they were playing adults only Pictionary. It was very funny. I got "kinky sex" right and they all roared. Beneath the roar was that look they give older people like they can't believe you could know such a thing-pffft to them ! Kids always think their parents began life as such. Roger and I just look at each other and chuckle. How the hell do they think they got here anyway!
Well, I think I will say farewell now-I have the 12x12x4 thingy looming in a very small wondow of time before we have to go to N.C. for Aunt Mattie's 90th. I've never done one of these before and I'm hitting a brick wall. After I get done with the clean-up, I'll just dive in with both feet and hope something looks appealing enough to show you all. Adios muchachas..you too Roger!!


Angie said...

Love your little quilt, Dee, and I wish my Christmas was already in a box. :( LOL Got a good laugh out of this post of yours. :) Have fun at Aunt Mattie's party. ;p

Debra Spincic said...

All of my Christmas decor awaits my packing. . . seems like something good for later this week.

Janet said...

You always make me laugh when I come here! I loved your description of sewing black on black....and then the scene with the "kinky sex" was priceless! Kids just think we're all in the dark about such things!! Little do they know!!

Jeri said...

How funny - we're a "Joe & Jeri" couple - but I know you weren't at MY house playing Pictionary on NYE! :) I really enjoy your blog, its like sitting and talking!