Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Ice Storm halts WIP progress

I did manage to finish my son's quilt and he slept under it last night. No pics though. I've shown it many times already. Some more pictures of the harbor a few days ago. I will probably have some pics of today's ice storm later this week. Right now I have one eye on the chicken soup, one eye on the boys slip-sliding away outside, and one eye on the blog(Oh wait!-that's one eye too many) We have not had a bad ice storm for a long time. I'm writing this as I pray that all the twinkling little branches outside and power lines stay right where they are and don't fall-I've lived through a number of these things and it's not pretty. I live pretty near one of the power plants on the Island, so it usually gets up and running fairly soon, but I hope we stay lit-power-wise,that is. We may get lit, otherwise as well, but I'd like to be able to see the stairs as I trip up them.

I got a great haircut-It's a good time of year for bangs and I definitely needed something to perk me up. All of the pictures we took in N.C. have me looking as if my forehead is THIS BIG. So I asked Diane to give me a little wispy bang thingy. It looks smashing if I do say so. A little less of the helmet head thing and more chunky pixie. Yep, that's me-chunky pixie. My friends Gerrie & Rian made me laugh with tales of their haircuts. I can relate to Rian's in particular. When I worked in the cosmetic business I did a lot of work on runway models at first and then print models. They would often come in needing a quick snip here and there. One day I didn't have time for my own cut(electrician with no lights syndrome)and I took a scissor to my own head. I cut here and there and had a little cocktail and cut here and there-until I had a very, very interesting do. At the time, I got my hair done once a month at Vidal Sassoon. When the guy saw me he yelped and then decided to make it work for me, in the words of Tim Gunn. I had a Twiggy haircut. It was about two inches long and if anyone remembers Mia Farrow in her Frank Sinatra days-that's what I'm talkin' about. Interestingly enough-it became the rage with a lot of models and folks. Recently, I saw a photo of Dame Judy Dench(love her) and she had the same hairdo. Unfortunatley, I have too many chins now. Back then I was a mere slip of a thing at size 8 and 5'2'' It does seem appealing though. I'm also very much interested in the white hair thing that Meryl Streep had going in The Devil Wears Prada- I love that hair color and wonder what it would be like.

Hmmm, things to think about when you're waiting for the sun. Keep a good thought for my guys out there with sleet falling sideways and 17 degrees. They are putting down snow melt which we only do as a last resort. The door are frozen on our cars and the trees are cracking-Brrrr


Rian said...

Yeah, cocktails and scissors make strange bedfellows. I tried to straighten my bleached hair back in high school and I fried it so bad they had to cut it off to about 2" all over. I was mortified. Hey, I was 17.

LOVED Streep's hair in Prada. Not just the color (smashing), but also the cut. What a great do.

Dorothy said...

I love getting my haircut. Funny, I went a long time with a blunt cut, below my shoulders, straight across. $11 and Supercuts did the trick. Now, everytime I get it cut I tell Claire "Maybe a little shorter this time." I think it won't be long before I end up with the Halle Berry cut.