Monday, February 12, 2007

A raspberry to February & 6 Wierd things

My son will kill me when he finds out I posted this but I had to laugh when we came across it. I used to blow raspberries on his tummy and feet and one day he blew them back at me. It just made me happy to look back at. He still makes me happy, thank goodness.
I think I've done the 6 weird things before but I'll play along again, since there are many more than 6-shut up. Anyway-you're supposed to tell 6 weird things about yourself that your freinds will probably not know already. and the tag a bunch of people-
1-My feet are two different sizes- the right is slightly smaller than the left and I'm blessed with a second toe that is long so it hits up against my shoe and drives me crazy(Oh that's why) I also have restless leg syndrome-didn't know what it was for years that made my legs tingle and strange pinpoint pains and such. I love my husband even more because he has to put up with me constantly re-arranging my legs in bed.It's har d to find a comfortable position and takes a long time to get to sleep. They have meds for it but they are of a sedative nature and I don't like feeling like that. The last thing I need it to be more inactive. I do find walking on the treadmill helps just a little. I always thought it was just the result of having jobs where I stood on my feet for 10-12 hours a day in high heels and such. I'm sure it didn't help. I'll live with it.
2-I'm a history nut. I love all types of history and since I'm also a bookaholic you will find many volumes of many types of history on my shelves.I think it stems from not having much of a history myself. Mainly I'm into Asian, and American Indian and right now I'm reading The Mayflower which is the true story of the years following the landing and founding of Plymouth and surrounding areas. I've probably read about thirty books on Asian(mostly Chinese) history. We had, years ago, a book on the history of the town I live in which included court records of trials of various people-many famous around here-for really interesting offenses, like riding horses on Sunday, an offense which used to get you the stocks. I think a member of a family around here got their hands on it and now I can't find it again.Public drunkenness was big in the early 1700s I'm also reading a book right now called "The United States of Arugula"about the history of the foodie movement in the USA-very good.
3-Unlike some of my friends who shall remain nameless(ahem)I have never been arrested(there's still time for that and only because they never caught me) but I have had a serious addiction. I was addicted to 12-hour nasal spray. You know how they say on the box "do not use for more than 7 days"? I used it for 25 years. So much so that it became such a problem that I had to have the inside of my nose cauterized because I got nosebleeds that wouldn't stop. The second time the ENT did it-I was in such pain that I told my husband if it didn't take and my nose bled-just let me die. I'm never going through that again. Like a hot poker to the brain. that! Again, such are the wages of sin....(hee)
4-I sense things. It's not like esp but sort of an image that comes to me. I think a lot of people have this. It happens, unfortunately, a lot with regard to people dying. I will think of someone who I haven't heard about for a long time for seen-or maybe a famous person, and suddenly within a day that person has died. Its companion is my exceptional BS detector(never fails me) and my superstition about saying things out loud. I have a thing where I get a sense of dread or fear or something that is off-putting about someone or something. It's like a bell going off. I believe that it saved my life more than once when I was single and I find it is very strong with regard to my family, particularly my son.
5-I only drink one kind of tea-It's PG-tips from England and my husband orders it for me by the package of a thousand from Amazon. He's a good soul that man. All other black tea tastes like pisswah(pardon)and is unfit for consumption.
6-I'm a stationery nut. I love papers and pens and cards etc. I must have hundreds of things like that. I can't seem to help myself, and I do eventually use the stuff. The thing is I use the excuse that I'm buying it for someone when I know full well that I don't want to part with it-it being cards note cards etc. I'm currently on a Tuesday Morning Hatbox craze-in which I will store fabric(wheee)
Well there you have the 6 weird things for now- I'll be back with quilt-art news soon. I'm not tagging anyone cause I think I've read everyones already that I could tag. Please feel free to play along if you haven't.


Rian said...

Jim has RLS too and it drives me nuts! The US of Arugula sounds like an interesting book. I'm a history buff, too. Not a nut like you, just a buff. American history is my current favorite, and I want to take the Lewis & Clark route and look for the America that our ancestors saw on the Great Migration. My grandma was born to pioneers in Nebraska.

Janet said...

I don't think you're so weird. Well, that part about the nasal spray was a little odd!!

I have a thing about paper and pens too. Love them! And any kind of decorative boxes. I just bought two at Ross the other day.