Saturday, February 10, 2007

Heat Wave & something old - something new

The temperature is above single digits-for now. I got the itch to start something new yesterday. Cabin fever or something like that. Almost finished tying James's quilt and wow did I cut that back close. If it were being hand or machine quilted I think I would have had to take it apart and re-do. It just makes it by a hair.
I am bound and determined to use some of the fabric in my unwieldy stash. I'm not doing that crazy fabric diet because quilting and fabric are my joyful art and I can't imagine why anyone would swear off fabric. I think it must be a sort of Catholic thing because my friend thinks it's a great idea and she's one of the long suffering. She's the one who can't say the word NO, like when she allowed her MIL put that beautiful miniature masterpiece in the coffin when her FIL died last fall. I'm still thinking of ways to bribe the cemetery workers with regard to retrieval. Don't get me wrong and don't slam me regarding the Catholic remark-I'm married to one, albeit one who has drifted some from the flock. It's just that I get so mad sometimes when people spend their lives bitching and complaining about what they have to do because they can't manage to eek out the words "NO-I'm sorry I can't this time." These said friends are left with the moaning and groaning about how hard life is. I have a hard time saying no too but I'm finally at a place where I've decided to be good to myself first. I'm not saying that helping others is a bad thing, I do quite a bit of that myself, but my friend goes so far that it infringes on her personal life and relationships because, I think, someone once told her that she wasn't worthy or deserving of happiness. I feel particularly bad lately since all of this has affected our friendship in some ways. There are days when I really just want to connect and have a few laughs like we used to(no one can make me laugh like her) then I get there & she's almost the most bitter person I have ever met. I think much of this may have something to do with menopause and so I am quiet and try to be comforting having been there and done that. It gets exhausting sometimes as well as depressing-I hope she comes back to us soon. Have you ever met one of those people who asks you for advice-you give it and they NEVER, EVER follow any of it? So why ask? If all you want is a "Poor Baby" I can do that too and it requires less effort all around. Everyone is entitled to "Poor Baby" moments.
OK, I'll quit bitchin' at you all now if you're even still are there aren't you????? Hey come back!!!
The houses are two I made around the same time I made the donation quilt and from the same material . I wish I had so much more of that stuff. It was such a pleasing color palette to work with-very Provence-like I loved it. I found them while I was looking for scraps in the closet. While I was doodling away time in there I came across a number of fat quarters I tucked away to use in a nine-patch something someday. They are also that same type of palette. So while I was making Chili yesterday I got them out and made some blocks. Cute, no?? Just doodling around avoiding confronting my artistic demons. That's my cross to bear. Ugh!
Stay warm and come back, I promise not to yell next time. Really..


lila said...

Hello Dee!
I just dropped by to see your quilts...then downstairs to work on the quilt for my son's wedding in August!
Did you stop by and see my St. Bridget's Cross quilt? (on my Lila's Quilts blog...from the profile page...)( I came here from Janet's blog, where you left a comment a couple of days ago...)

Rian said...

Cute cute cute cabins, and I think you ought to call the quilt "Cabin Fever."

Jane Ann said...

Rian's right. You do seem a bit feverish! ;-)

Cute 9-patches too. I'm a sucker for house blocks and yours are v-v nice.

Rian said...

Dee, guess what, you have been tagged. See my blog for details.