Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Things to do when it's 9 degrees

My last post got Roger thinking about our Honeymoon in Hawaii and the state of the pictures. He thought they weren't as bad as I remembered. So we went on a search. While we had out the album, James mentioned that scanning the pictures into the computer might be a good thing for Dad to do.

This is an unfortunate shot of me when I was going through my permed and colored hair phase. Things have changed a little in 23 years. Here I am on the north shore of Oahu. I forgot how big glasses were then.

For this shot, we had to trade services with another couple who had no one to take their picture either. This is one of the pics that faded. This place is on the volcano Haleakala on Maui in a protea garden. It was a breathtaking place and this was in February. We get a kick out of this one because Roger says it's when we had matching bellies. He tells how I gave birth to mine but he's still carrying his.

That's enough reminiscing today. I just thought maybe you might like something warm and fuzzy to look at. It's up to 10 degrees out right now. We're looking at a high of 17 today. Shudddderrrr.
I have my son's quilt sandwiched together and am working on it. I'll post a picture later or tomorrow. Other than that there is a major clean-up going on here. Not much else one can do on these frigid days. Early spring cleaning-but for what year? Every time I try to get started on something artistic-I'm faced with a mess of stuff and no room to work. It's time! Not to mention the dust Bunnies which have become so large that I am naming them. It was good to throw out a bunch of stuff this past weekend. I had bits and pieces of stuff that were around for years in plastic bags. Nothing that anyone would want and many things I wondered out loud at what the hell I was thinking when I bought some of that stuff. We used to have a fabric store near us that had dollar a yard fabric and it was worth every penny. UGH! When I first started it was all I could afford and I didn't know any better. Why I saved strips as small as 1/2 in. I will never know. It's great to purge!
Deb Geyer sent me an e-mail that my quilt is on the way to me to put the binding on. Can't wait to see it. I should look for something to bind it with. Talk to you later. Stay warm


Rian said...

How well I remember that permed poodle 'do. I had one, too. Wash 'n go. And those huge glasses! What were we thinking!

Janet said...

I had big permed hair and huge glasses too. But it was the thing then. I've been hearing about all the cold weather and wondering about everyone. I hate to tell you but we're having warm weather...tee shirt weather!
I had to laugh about you naming the dust bunnies. Been there myself! I finally dug out a little over the past weekend. Wonder how long it will last!!

Debra Spincic said...

No perms for me! TG I resisted that fad like the plague!