Saturday, March 17, 2007

Get the picture?No you don't.

If only it were so. I found these pics of spring in the yard to take my mind off of the awful reality outside. Mother Nature is, how you say, pissed. There is about 3 inches of very icy, slushy, snow outside and it came down in tiny ice pellets-sideways all day yesterday and through the night. It snowed, and poured and sleeted. Today my guys will attempt to remove some of the crust and hopefully by Monday we will return to something resembling normal. James and BIL Bob couldn't even get their cars up the icy driveway. They have to dig the mess out up here to get to the mess down there. This weather pattern we are in is such a nuisance. We have the mighty snow blower in the basement and when big snow does come down, it is easily gotten rid of-not so with this stuff. First of all, it weighs a ton and has to be chipped away blah blah blah....Remind me of why we live on this blasted island again??????Oh! that's right-the beaches, the ambiance, the pretty little village by the bay, offshore breezes in summer, and tah dah..the the muck and mold the other three quarters of the year.
Above this rant you can see pansies and a shot of my favorite little bush in the yard. I don't know what it's called but I would plant it everywhere if I could. It flowers with these little pink darlings in spring and then sets green berries which turn bright red in the fall and go all the way till December. The other pic is of the lovely pansies my husband fills the porch planters with in spring. Please look past the molding wood of the porch that is due for replacement.
Yesterday there was no going anywhere and my library connection and best friend gave me the complete set of the BBC version of "Elizabeth I" with the great Glenda Jackson. All 6 VHS tapes at 90 minutes each. I really appreciated having them. On a more amusing note, my friend said that she would be attending a meeting today regarding violence in the workplace-I often wonder who will strangle who first in our Library. Will it be The Patrons vs Librarians or a grudge match of the Librarians vs The Clerks? Final scores to follow.
I am sorry I was unable to get the donation quilt in the mail to Fran in Colorado due to the ice, etc. It will go out Monday. The kids quilts will also go Mon. or Tues and while I'm at it the Heart quilt and backing should be going to Deb G. as well. It will be nice to clear up this batch and get to some work of my own. Even though I've been busy with this stuff, I haven't accomplished a thing myself. I hope to work on the 12x12x12 challenge soon. This months entries are really wonderful. It's such fun to see what everyone comes up with.
Well, I must go feed Nanuck of the North.


Kim Carney said...

You know I LOVE pansies. I am dying to know what the bush is. It looks like an azelia, I have one like that that has double pink blossoms. And it does have a berry but not red. ;)

Kim Carney said...
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Rian said...

Eck. The weather sounds dreadful.

I thought you said the things you liked about the islnd were...the beaches and the ambulence...