Tuesday, April 03, 2007

signs of spring and changes

So sorry for the crappy picture but the signs of spring are here for sure. I'm not sure if you can see it but right before I snapped this shot there were about six goldfinches feeding here. As soon as I opened the door all but a couple zoomed off. That's o.k. cause now we can put out the other feeders and I can lie in wait for the rest of the bunch with the camera at the ready. These little beauties are my warm weather harbingers and my obsession. With them come a host of other finches and teeny little birds. I have trouble looking away. Like I need another reason not to work.
My friend Gerrie Congdon says I wouldn't like her kitchen because I said I don't like 50s stuff. I think I confused my eras. I've seen Gerrie's pics of her house and her new kitchen curtains and such and I love the look of her stuff. I think what I don't like is Formica and plastic and Jetson's type housing. By the way-I hate housework-so we would get along well. However, we live in a small townhouse type structure attached to the old part of the house. Space is very very limited. Housework sucks but in these small confines I really have no choice. If left to it's own devices we would be buried under a pile in days. All of us are pack rats. That makes it a consistent struggle. What we really need is a dumpster. Nearly all of the upstairs is our bedroom with a walk-in closet and large bathroom. I have the whole front of our bedroom for workspace. At least that's how it should be. Right now it's the repository for all the crap that we don't know what to do with as well as overflow fabric and sewing supplies and art supplies. Dumpster needed??you betcha!
I am going out in the next few days to find out about a personal trainer for me. The time has come and I hope we can find someone who our wallet will accommodate. I need structure and someone to get in my face. I need that so I can get in shape to get in my husbands and son's face. As I recently said to a friend-it's amazing how getting in shape can bring out the bitch in me. That would be a good thing. Right now I'm Miss Complacent and it shows on everyone. UGH! I'm not looking for a dramatic change just something to put me on the road to physical health. I'm panting just climbing the stairs. I wish I was strong enough to just go back to Weight Watchers like I did once before and loose 50 lbs. but it's not happening and I need someone to bully me- in person- everyday and I need physical excercise and strength-the rest will follow.
Meanwhile...the goldfinches are here...the goldfinches are here .....yippee


Janet said...

I hate housework, too but mostly I hate to cook! A trainer would be heaven but out here they cost a fortune so I have to be my own trainer! I've been doing pretty good about keeping to my goals for getting healthier this year. So far I've lost 26 lbs and have a few more to go.

Gerrie said...

I went to WW last year and followed it faithfully and did not lose more than 7 pounds. I have the metabolism of a snail. The only way I can get in shape is to move, move, move and rev up my metabolism. The WW diet is how I eat most of the time. So, I applaud the trainer idea. Yesterday I walked almost 12,000 steps and I am beginning to feel in more control.

Granny Fran said...

I love the goldfinches! It's always special when they show up here. Did you notice that I had a goldfinch in the middle of one of my GFGs in my March 12 x 12?
I'm involved in shedding 100 pounds with the gals at Quilt Studio. I wish you great success in your endeavors. What I need is a 24/7 personal trainer to keep me from sticking more food in my mouth than I should.