Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Eggs for the Rich

I've been neglecting a number of important things lately-the computer is a black hole that sucks up time. It started as a thing to look at when I couldn't sleep at night or would wake up early in the still-dark morning and, not wanting to wake the rest of the house, I began to surf....Don't get me wrong-I really love the blogging world and the kind and talented people I've come to enjoy there. The fact is though that too many times during the day I find myself here-doing this. That means I'm not working on art, taking care of things, and generally wasting too much time. So, I've decided to take a little break in order to bring some order to my life. Maybe for a couple of days-maybe for a week. I find that when I'm blocked about something( a lot lately) I'm working on-I immediately sit down here and get lost, thus accomplishing nothing artistic or otherwise.
Anyway I wanted to let anyone who is interested know that I'm O.K.-just in need of some time away from blogging. I feel all out of sorts and for some reason a little short tempered and sad. Where's that coming from??? Must be allergies or the weather.
I was going to put some cute bunny stuff up in the spirit of Easter and then I came across these fabulous Faberge eggs on line. They were given as Easter gifts by Czar Nicholas to his wife Alexandra and his children for the most part. The first one is my all time favorite. I love Lily of the Valley.

This one, of course is a fav here-being made of shamrocks.
They are sometimes on the market-most were owned by the Forbes family and a large portion of that collection was sold at Sotheby's to some famous people-Joan Rivers owns a bunch. They are gaudy and beautiful and magnificent at the same time. Imagine being so wealthy that you could spend $60,000.00 on an egg-that's the estimated price of the Lily of the Valley and the others are in that range. Since the whole family was assassinated in a hail of bullets, I hope they enjoyed their eggs while they had them. Even if I had that much money, I can't imagine spending it on jewels but they are beautiful, tiny, masterpieces nevertheless.
I just thought you might like some holiday eye candy. I'll see you soon.


Janet said...

I think several of us in the blogging world are feeling strange right now. My daughter tells me it has something to do with Pluto! I think it helps to take a little time off.
Thanks for all the lovely Faberge eggs. They are gorgeous but I'm like you....I can't imagine spending that kind of $$ on jewels. I'm just not that much of a jewelry kind of gal.
Enjoy your blog-free time!!

Debra Spincic said...

We will still be here when you return!

Rian said...

Go get something done already! Seeya soon.

Gerrie said...

My dear doppelganger, we are suffering from the same dis-ease. I just can't explain it. Just about cried myself to sleep last night and there is no good reason for it.
This will pass. I've been here before. A blessed Easter to you. I think allergies is a good explanation.

Kim Carney said...

Hey Dee, fellow-confused-and-frustrater-cybermate-and--blogger ;)

First, the eggs are wonderful. Wouldn't you love to see those in person. I think my mom has at one time, somewhwere.

I think we are sharing the same disease +indecision and inability to focus+ ... spending too much time in cyberspace and thinking of a wee break. I think we were all busy to begin with then we add blogging, and searching and well, just looking and dreaming ... and it adds up. I still am thinking I should take a break.

Maybe it is just Pluto ;)

Hope you are better now. xoxoxo Kim