Monday, April 16, 2007

Didja miss me???I missed you....

I got a bunch of things done last week and I just took a break from...well...everything. Lots of time taken up with yearly check-ups and such. Good news there for which I'm grateful. Still waiting for news from one Dr. and I'm hoping that no news is good news.

I have not finished my 12x12 piece. It's almost done and I am finding an interesting and annoying thing about myself(only one Dee???) As I mentioned before-I don't like the 12 inch sq. shape at all but that's not an insurmountable problem. I find that even though my hormones have stopped being a problem most of the time, I still have horrible days of indecision and inability to focus. I have no less than four 12x12 pieces started and I get to a point where I just hit a wall with them and put them aside and start something else. So....the up side-I have been working on a bunch of stuff...the downside-nothing is finished on time. Hopefully by Wed. I tried taking pictures of the piece I plan on using and it's not photographing well so I will enlist the help of my professional photography team(Roger) to get a better shot. It also has a lot of hand work on it and the old hands are angry with me. It's been a while since I did any kind of needlework or even hand quilting. Slow going...that's today's phrase.

All of this is by way of explaining today's picture. I had some of these lavender and purple fabrics left over from a table runner I did for a friend of mine. It seemed so springy and sweet that I decided to make one for myself. The other log cabins are some that I found and they will also find there way into a small mini or table top piece.

The weather here has been really stormy and the wind is whipping everything around. More like March than April. We really didn't have any flooding like some places but I'm sure that a few inches of beach are returned to the sea. I should take a walk down there in the next few days-lots of great stuff washes up-neat shells, rocks, and beach glass. Next week they will rake the beaches and make everything pristine and, frankly, boring.
Well, I'm making chicken soup and working on some Food Pantry paperwork I need to finish up so I'll be back tomorrow. Hope you will be too.


Janet said...

I did miss you! I'm still playing catch up on reading blogs but I missed yours. I know it's good to take some time away from blogging once in a while....I'll have to do that before too long.
I've also been wondering about you since the weather has been so wild in your part of the country. Glad to know there's no flooding where you are. Stay dry!!

QuiltingFitzy said...

I love the log cabin blocks! I can never get enough of them.

Glad you're safe and dry.