Friday, April 20, 2007

sunny diversions

Eye candy_ wish I could say this was from my yard but I can't. We're almost there-temps in 50s today and up to 70 by Sunday. Just as we thought-directly from sweatshirts to sweat. Not complaining mind you. It's a shock to the system though.
My husband surprised me yesterday when he arrived home with supplies for the Goldfinches-food, new feeders and such. He bought me a new umbrella for the porch. Yippee- the one we had was in sad shape and really dirty looking. This looks more like a market umbrella-nice stripes on dark green. Happy Dance.
I am spending the day doing what needs to be done in order to enjoy the outdoors and indoors more. Our grill needs a good cleaning so I can cook something yummy on it. At the end of the season last fall I just burned off the upper grill and covered it and said "see ya in the spring" sooooo that's where we are now. I cook on the grill nearly everyday in spring, summer, and fall so I need to get on the stick- Then it's off to the grocery for peppers and portabellos and maybe shrimp on the barbie....mmmmgrilled veg and...well...anything. I also grill sweet potatoes and reg. just a few brushes of olive oil and a touch of Kosher salt and you have yourself a feast. Sometimes-cut up the veg-Italian dressing-feta-toss and sigh.... Have a great weekend everyone.


Janet said...

I definitely want to come to your house for a cook-out! Everything sounds yummy. We could sit under that new patio umbrella and chow down!

Gerrie said...

We do year round grilling. That is one of the bonuses of a temperate climate. Even here in rainy Portland, we have a covered area between the garage and the house where we can cook out.

Hope you get some wonderful weather, now! Y'all deserve it.

Rian said...

It all sounds great. I never thought to do sweet potatoes on the grill. I usually make oven-baked fries. I'll try grilling them.