Wednesday, April 18, 2007

12x12x4 challenge piece & thoughts on sewing

Here are some pictures of the 12x12x4 piece that I just posted on the Quilt Studio challenge page.
The Ginkgo leaves below is one of three other pieces that I began with the intention of using as a challenge piece. I have another couple I may show soon. One is some blossoms done with colored pencil on fabric.
The Ginkgo leaves are fused on pale pink cotton and it's about 8x12. I will use colored pencil to give veins and shading to the leaves.
Interestingly, the first type of sewing I ever did was needlework-crewel and cross stitch. My grandmother was an incredible needle worker. What became of the wonderful pillows and linens she made is a mystery. She did all sorts of intricate work. Needle lace, Hardanger, crewel, eyelet work and such. I wish I had paid more attention but I think I didn't because she made it a very strict and unhappy time-ripping things out that weren't perfect. A lot of yelling in German can really have a detrimental effect on the enjoyment of hobbies. My mother was a seamstress, making couture quality clothing-dresses, coats, and even pants. Same thing there. Nothing was ever good enough so I didn't pay attention-I just cringed along until I could go do something else. I really enjoy embroidery and loved needlepoint and crewel later in life. I may take up these things again. I wish my hands weren't so sore though. It may be time to start again with the Glucosamine Chondroitin.
Anyway, I'll keep plugging along-with the sewing and the treadmill and exercise....I'm really not having a lot of fun lately. Does anyone have some cheese to go with my wine? Sorry

Addendum-I just want to keep track of my daily walking for a while...
today-a liitle over 3/4 mile and I picked up a touch of speed. so far no pain-tomorrow, the mile mark!


Kim Carney said...

that is soooo cool. love the stitching!

Janet said...

The Asian pieces are beautiful. I like the touches of embroidery at the top.

As a kid I had no interest in any kind of needlework. There was a German woman across the street who offered to teach me all kinds of needlework from knitting to intricate sewing but I would have none of it! How I wish I could go back and do it all over. I'd take her up on it for sure!

Brigitte (SE. Louisiana) said...

Dee....I love this piece. I am a big fan of oriental designs. The hand stitching that you added for embellishment really make the piece. It adds the perfect touch.

Rian said...

Hey, girlfriend! In addition to the glucosamine (and I am here to tell you it works wonders), take Tylenol arthritis formula. It helps a BUNCH!

Back when you and I were kids we had perfection drilled into us. Hell, we'd get dinged for coloring outside the lines a tiny bit. I can still "see" the red marks where I missed the line. Sheesh. I still have a hard time letting go of perfection. [[scream]]

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