Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tale of the tummy...groan

One has to laugh...really. I realize now that the green stripes don't make me look smaller...bad choice.
Seriously-I am walking on the treadmill in prep for the workout to come. Being tortured and crunched is next. I have some lower back disc problems and so I think I need to strengthen and gain some stamina. Lord, I hate getting old. If only we could be as young as we feel mentally. I'd be in good shape.
Just thought I'd give you a chuckle-I'm on my way to do some errands and them later I will try and finish my 12x12 thingy.
Thanks to all who wondered how we made out during this awful storm. I don't know why we escaped but we did. Just a lot of fallen debris from trees and such. many other parts of the island were in really bad shape. We didn't loose power(amazing) and we live way up on top of a hill. As I said to my friend Gerrie-if the water comes up this high we can all kiss our tushies goodbye. It would have to be a tsunami type flood way up here. See you soon

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Janet said...

Getting old is a real drag! I just try to keep moving 'cause I don't want anything to "freeze" up on me!
Love the picture you included here!