Tuesday, May 15, 2007

bloomin' beautiful

As soon as I took this gorgeous Calla Lily from my husband the other day-I immediately thought of Katherine Hepburn. If you're a movie fan like me you may know what I'm talking about. Famous line from a Kate movie-"the calla lilies are in bloom....sigh" There I go dating myself again.
O.K. Nuff about that. Anyway, aren't they lovely? There are three good sized groups of lilies that can easily be divided and made into 3 separate plants. Yipee! Also-today I noticed that the lily of the valley is out all over the front bank of our house. It's all the way around the other side of the house and very easily forgotten until it's too late. I could just go around there and sit in a pile of lily of the valley for the entire day-happily-breathing in the perfume. There really is nothing on earth that is as magnificent as the natural scent of flowers. After years of working in the industry-I can't think of a single flower scent that matches mother nature for clean, crisp, heavenly smell. When I was much younger we would sometimes go over to the Vanderbilt Mansion across the harbor and walk through the house. I enjoyed it but I was all about getting to the sun room and very elegant porch. It was a colonnade of lovely Spanish tiles on the floor and there in the center was a gardenia bush. It was very old and, they said, was installed there by one of the Mrs. of the family. Even then, 45 years ago, it was 50 years old so I imagine it may not be there now. All of the years since that day I am still reminded of the gardenia bush when I see a picture or am lucky enough to come upon an actual gardenia. No bottled gardenia perfume could ever capture that fragrance. I should probably go over there and check it out sometime.
I don't have much in the way of quilty stuff to show. Still working on finishing Dani's Mom's table runner. Needs binding but I think maybe that will have to wait till next week.
Today I took on the horrible task of going to find some work-out clothes as I only have one pair of pants I'm washing to death. Several suggestions from fellow Curves ladies. Turns out Sears, which I normally hate, has some decent and fairly low priced stuff for the gym(that's all they have) Can I just mention how much I hate cropped pants and Capri's. I really hate them. They look adorable on other people but on my 5' 3" chub-they really look stupid and feel stupid. No choice though so here I am wearing clothes I hate because the only other option was heavier weight winter stuff or plastic-feeling pants that need to be taken up about 5 inches. Can't there be a happy medium for the height challenged. As it is the cropped pants come to my ankle-not my most flattering part but at least not my, aptly named, calves.
Well, I'll leave you now for some prep work for dinner. Nothing exciting tonight. Homemade cole slaw, Kosher hot dogs, grilled baby potatoes, and fresh strawberries. In an act of self-preservation, I'm passing on the baked beans.


Janet said...

My grandma always had lily of the valley beside her house. Their smell is indeed heavenly. I don't think I've seen any in years. They probably don't grow out here.

I hear you about cropped pants and Capri's. Another gripe I have is t-shirts with what they laughingly call sleeves! I like to cover my upper arms and these shirts they make now have about 2" of fabric for a sleeve. When will they design clothes for REAL women?!

Debra Spincic said...

My mom has trouble with capri pants and they always look like "high water" pants on her.

Gerrie said...

High water is right because if you are short then the pants are not really capris - they look like pants that are too short. I found some wonderfully soft brown knit petite 1x pants at Macy's last week and I am in love with them.

Oh, and I love lily of the valley!