Monday, May 14, 2007

Spring in the 'hood

I had a wonderful weekend. My family, as usual, was great to be with and it was quiet and peaceful and somewhat delicious. We had ribs, sweet potato fries, home made cole slaw and corn bread from the new place around the corner. Folks down south would faint at what they charged for a rack of baby backs but we tried to ignore that(BIL Bob bought us the anniversary dinner we didn't get in Feb) and wow was it great. A pretty perfect day to remind me of how fortunate I am. Thanks guys!

I'm giving you a peak at the color of spring around here. As Roger said yesterday, "you wait all year for this color" It's a green that only appears for a brief time. Vivid and intense and in many shades from lime to deep forest. Very alive. Not that the garden is not beautiful the rest of the summer-it's just that spectacular spring green that inspires such bliss. The picture of the harbor is an interesting one because in a wekk or two there will be so many boats that you can nearly walk from boat deck to boat deck around the harbor. This is a brief blissful moment.

A while ago I came home from the grocery store and one of the 2 million trips (sigh) that I have to make there during the week, and this sweet cardinal was back again. Yesterday he practically sat for Roger while allowing photographs of his lovely self to be snapped. Today I was unpacking the stuff from my car and he landed not two feet from me in the gravel. I moved-he stayed-I moved some more...he stayed and re-positioned himself several times, as if to say "I'm ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille" He's still hanging around out there munching seed and looking wonderful against the grey and blue stone. I sort of wonder who he really is. Maybe a relative come home to visit? Is that you Pop? He won't say.

Well, despite the beauty of this day and it is stunningly pretty-I have the requisite crap to accomplish. Laundry, dinner prep. Crap waits for no one!

I promised my honey that I would re-create the meal that Lydia made on her show yesterday. It's a salad that includes roasted Vidalia onions dried black Greek olives, red bliss potatoes and green beans. Finished off with bibb lettuce and oil and vinegar dressing.I may throw in some cheese shavings and roasted peppers- so it's off to the grill. She made a scalopini with wild mushrooms with it but I think we will just have the salad and some good bread, fresh mozzarella and sopressata. Who's up for dinner???

Here are the accompanying shots of winter-Goodbye to all that!


Anonymous said...

I yam--up for dinner. I love sweet potato fries. We bake 'em in the oven with olive oil (note to self: get a sweet potato at the store) and they are indeed wonderful.


Debra Spincic said...

Thank goodness you can finally say Good bye to winter! Cute little cardinal. We watched a blue jay baby get flying instructions all weekend.

Janet said...

I want to be adopted by your family! Every time I visit here I come away hungry!! Your kitchen must be the most popular place for your family and friends to congregate because it seems you're always making some delicious meal.

I'm so glad winter is finally giving up....the cardinal is spectacular!

Gerrie said...

You sound so cheery - even though I feel crappy, your good humor makes me feel a little better.

The Carolina Quilter said...

Dee, I tried to leave a comment earlier this morning but when I came back, I don't see it. I enjoyed reading your seven random things--I've been away so long I feel like everyone's probably forgotten me! Your humor always cheers me up and I so appreciate your checking in with me through e-mail. I am feeling overwhelmed trying to get all the samples done for upcoming classes, shows, etc. and feel like I am spinning my wheels but I've made a committment to keep blogging despite the chaos!