Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A feast for the eyes & Ye Haw Maw!

I hesitate to show this because it is yet further proof of our questionable backgrounds but this, over there, is my very own college graduate. Congrats honey! We had to put out the old recliner for a village pick-up this morning so last night we got into the spirit(ahem) of the Clampetts. James hauled it into the back of my Sport Track and cruised down to the street in style. What style, I don't know. I will find a handsome picture of my son very soon so you can see that he doesn't look like a drooling moron most of the time. Truth be told, we were full of pizza and root beer floats(the official start to summer)and a little up from the sugar high. There was an all day Soprano's marathon on A&E yesterday and I think I watched every episode. No wonder I had bad dreams last night-could have been the ice cream and pizza....Nah!

Anyway, that represents the bad behavior part of the day for which I was punished this morning by going to Curves and sweating off my tush. The air conditioning is still not working and I'm loosing my patience. To be fair, so is the lady who runs it. She's been promised day after day that the building mgr. is bringing in the work crew tomorrow...and tomorrow, and so on. Seriously, it was 85 degrees and I'm wiped out.

Now for the really beautiful part of this post-The pics above are the best I could get of Deb's beautiful finish to my Hearts quilt. Once again, I am in awe. I wish that you could sit and look at this close up like I am. It's so pretty. On the back and on the front. Even my BIL Bob thought it was wonderful and he's oblivious to everything quilting related. I am putting on the binding this week and then I may just keep it for a week before sending it on. It's really amazing how something that was such a yawn has turned into the princess at the ball. Deb is a master at that machine. I am getting ideas together for a quilt for myself and it will definitely go to Deb Geyer to quilt. Beautiful work, thanks Deb!
It's very humid and icky outside today and I just potted some plants-I'm super icky myself so it's off to the showers and a big drink of water.
Hope you have a great day


Rian said...

That kid needs a couple of beercans in his hands.

The quilt is incredible.

Gerrie said...

I'm happy you have James in your life to keep you centered - :) !

Love the heart quilt - Deb did a gorgeous job of quilting.

Libby said...

What's a holiday weekend without some silliness? Mmmm - rootbeer floats are just the best.
The quilt really is lovely - I would sit and look at it all day, too.

Debra Spincic said...

She sure has talent--now the kid -well, the jury is still out! *wink*

(Life is too short not to have fun!)

Allison Ann Aller said...

That quilt and the quilting is so lovely!!
Love the Clampett shot...your family sounds like a lot of fun.

Deb Geyer said...

It was so funny- I saw the picture of the quilt and didn't recognize it. I thought I should try something like that- OH! I did!

I'm glad that you like it!