Saturday, May 26, 2007

Great furniture news, Lobster rolls for Libby & Wii

I'm so full of holiday cheer and warmth for my fellow person(???) that I just wanted to share a good news shopping event.

Now first let me say that I live in NY. A very lovely part of it so don't send me snarky comments-NY is not known for it's friendliness is all things retail. you know from previous posts-I ought a recliner. Turned out to be bigger than a breadbox, to be polite. Today, I got myself up and dressed(on Saturday mind you-lets hear some cheering in the back there)and went off to Raymour & Flanagan to rectify the problem of what to do about the Beast(that's the chair not a relative) I fully expected a major altercation of some sort since I have had saleperson problems inthe furniture arena before. Let me just say-this store is full of very nice people who want you to be "lifetime customers" That's how they put it. I traded the giants chair for the other chair of human size plus an ottoman and they waved the shipping charge and are picking up one and delivering the other Wed. I walked out in a daze.

In other news around here I had a comment from Libby who has not had a Lobster roll. Here's how it goes-it couldn't be simpler,

1. First you go to the bank, find a loan officer and take out a fist-sized wad of money.

2. Then you go to the fish market and you tell them you want 4-5( how decadent do you want to be?) 1 1/2lb lobsters. If they are a reputable market-they will at no charge, steam them and crack them for you and put them in a big plastic tub.

3. You hand them your fist full of money-they hand you the tub.

4. You take them home and put down newspaper or grocery bags on the picnic table and you pull all of the lobster out of the shells. chop the larger pieces into bite sized bits-dress with mayo, couple of shakes of old bay seasoning, 1/4 cup of minced celery more or less and that's it-step away from the dish-resist the temptation to add anything. Nature has provided you with the perfect meal. Pile a boatload of this onto fluffy potato rolls which you have slathered with butter and toasted until golden. Eat. side of cole slaw-iced tea. OMG life is good!

My son got an early birthday present of a Sony Wii from his girlfriend Dani-normally I run screaming from anything that resembles a video game. This is so much more. It's interactive. You can bowl in your living room in your jammies. He forced me(by whining) into playing an I harummphhed all the way. It's so much fun. You have a bowling alley in your living room. It allows you to angle the way the ball goes for a spare and all. Really fun.
All in all it's turning into a very nice weekend.
Today we did beer can chicken and deli salads and fresh corn on the cob. Boy do I need a session at Curves really soon.
Have a great weekend


Libby said...

Lobster - mayo . . . you may have just introduced me to my newest 'food-group' Sounds delish. Our local lobster season starts in the fall. Now I have something new to try. Thanks bunches *s*

Dorothy said...

Life is, indeed, good. :o)

We had bacon cheese burgers and sweet corn for dinner. I guess I'll swing by for a glass of water on my way to walking all THAT fat off.

Rian said...

On this side of the country it's Lobster Tacos. Makes like the lobster roll with the mayo and all, but in a soft corn tortilla with shredded cabbage (not lettuce!) and salsa. Con mucho gusto!